Cape Codders Gather To View Solar Eclipse

by William F. Galvin

Cape Codders visited beaches, Nickerson State Park and other open spaces to view Monday’s solar eclipse, a celestial phenomenon that won’t be seen in North America again for two decades.

An estimated 300 people attended the eclipse viewing event in Harwich’s Brooks Park Monday sponsored by the Brooks Free Library.

The library had 170 pairs of solar sunglasses to distribute to those who did not have access to the protective eyewear. Library staff pasted the glasses to paper plates to make an all-encompassing face mask for added protection, and also allow viewers to share the glasses, said Library Director Ginny Hewitt. Viewers were also greeted with eclipse cupcakes provided by the library staff.

Many people took advantage of the two solar scopes provided by Larry Brookhart of the Harwich Conservatory to get a closer view of the moon eclipsing the sun. The solar scopes drew lines of viewers, who were assisted by Brookhart and Tom Leach.

The blue sky made for great viewing, but whispers of clouds defused some of the impact later in the afternoon. As the moon eclipsed the sun a drop in temperature was also quite noticeable.

By the end of the event, people left with smiles after witnessing the rare celestial event.