Considine Named New Police Chief

by William F. Galvin
Deputy Police Chief Kevin Considine will serve as the town's next police chief. Members of the department stand - Sgt. Peter Petell, Lt. Aram Goshgarian and Lt. Adam Hutton- stand with Considine  at Monday's select board meeting. WILLIAM F. GALVIN PHOTOS
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HARWICH – To a standing ovation and loud applause on Monday evening, Deputy Police Chief Kevin Considine was appointed to serve as the town’s next police chief. Considine was surrounded by a large contingent of police officers as the select board made its decision.

The appointment is expected to take effect July 3 pending contract negotiations, based on the announcement by Police Chief David Guillemette that he will be retiring effective July 2. Considine praised Chief Guillemette for being a great influence and mentor during the deputy’s time in administration.

“I’m really proud to have you sitting in front of us for the police department,” said Select Board member Donald Howell. “It’s something I’ve been looking for for years, to hire somebody from within who has the respect of the individuals there, who I know will carry us forward, especially with the community. You are everywhere. I wholeheartedly endorse you being promoted.”

“We have the best town and the best police and fire department,” said Select Board member Jeffrey Handler. “You fit that perfectly in my opinion. I love the story of how you started here, and you’re going to finish here, I hope. You do one heck of a job for the town wearing that uniform, but you also dedicate yourself in other ways. You have my wholehearted endorsement as well.”

Select Board member Michael MacAskill said he was honored to have known Considine for the 27 years he has been in the department. He noted the strong recommendations Considine received from Fire Chief David LeBlanc, Deputy Fire Chief Craig Thornton, outgoing chief Guillemette, other chiefs on the Cape, and many people in Harwich.

”You have my endorsement as well,” said MacAskill.

“Ditto,” added Select Board Chair Julie Kavanagh. “Kevin, you bring so much to the town with the police, but also you are embedded in the community.”

The board voted 4-0 to appoint Considine as the next police chief subject to successful contract negotiations.

Considine thanked the select board for providing “this next journey.” He also thanked the department’s officers, who he said is the group that goes out every day and does the hard work.

“I can’t thank them enough,” said Considine.

Considine then turned to former Harwich special officer Bob Currie, who was a teacher at Franklin High School when Considine was a student and encouraged Considine’s interest in becoming a police officer and took Considine along during a shift in Harwich.

“He’s the reason I started in 1996. If he wasn’t such an outstanding guy who said come by for a ride-along, I wouldn’t be here,” said Considine