Brewster Whitecaps Tap Luke Dillon As New President

by Brad Joyal

BREWSTER – Luke Dillon and the Brewster Whitecap were a natural, perfect fit.

After serving on the Whitecaps’ board of directors since 2016, Dillon will take on a larger role and serve as team president for the 2024 season.

“It was kind of a natural progression,” said Dillon. “I was a summer resident and loved baseball and I’d go to Whitecap games. About seven years or so ago my wife said to me, ‘You should get involved’ — so I did.”

Dillon is an avid sports fan and longtime former season ticket holder of the Boston Red Sox. An attorney by trade, he lived in Andover for 32 years and spent the past 13 years working as the chairman and CEO of the Life Insurance Association of Massachusetts, a trade association representing some of the nation’s leading life, long-term care and disability income insurers, before recently retiring.

“I retired last year and thought it was a good time to do more for the Whitecaps,” said Dillon, who began his one-year term as team president in November.

His introduction to the Brewster club came as a volunteer, a position that allowed him to see the organization through various lenses. He helped with the team’s finances and board operations and even worked in the parking lot helping to direct cars and assisting fans.

“In Brewster, we offer something that most parks don’t,” he said. “We have a six-seater golf cart that drives people around. Mostly kids and elderly people, but they have a lot of fun with it. We’re actually getting an eight-seater this year.”

Shifting into the president role has brought Dillon more responsibility.

“It’s really the CEO of the team,” he said. “There are some things that come out of the woodwork sometimes.”

Dillon recently found himself fulfilling an unusual request from an unlikely place: St. Cloud, Minn.

“I just got a letter from a guy in St. Cloud, Minn. that loves our hats and wants me to send him one,” Dillon said. “It’s little things like that.”

As the calendar turns to spring, preparation for the summer continues to ramp up. Dillon said a lot of time has been spent around Stony Brook Field, especially working on the new scoreboard the team will be introducing this summer.

Dillon also attends to housing, game day operations, fundraising and facility responsibilities in addition to serving as a liaison to the league.

“You can feel things kind of coming together,” he said.

Although he’s excited to take on a larger role for the Whitecaps, Dillon said he’ll continue to rely on the numerous team volunteers that help make the organization — and Cape League — function on a daily basis.

“There is a lot that goes into this to putting on a season,” Dillon said. “We’re all volunteers, but I think the common thread is there are a lot of proud people in the town and they love baseball and want to help.”

The Brewster Whitecaps will open their season at Yarmouth-Dennis on June 15 before hosting Bourne for their season opener the next night.