Harwich Port Library Holds Author Series

by Jennifer Sexton-Riley

On three consecutive Mondays in June and July at 5:30 p.m., the Harwich Port Library will hold a series titled Books on Bank Street: Cape Cod Book and Author Series.

The series will feature authors Yvonne DeSousa discussing her book “Shelter of the Monument” on June 17, Don Wilding discussing his book “Historic Storms of Cape Cod” on June 24, and author Paul Kemprecos discussing his book “The God in the Sea” on July 1. Each author event in the series will feature book signings, author Q&A and light refreshments. Books will be available for purchase from Below the Brine Book Shop.

Harwich Port Library Director Valerie Arroyo said events which spotlight and celebrate the work of local authors make communities stronger.

“We are so incredibly lucky to have so many authors and creatives who live among us on Cape Cod. They are some of our heroes!” Arroyo said. “Stories connect us to each other. Whether you are a visitor or you live here, Cape Cod lives in our imagination and in our hearts. Local authors help keep that culture and magic alive.”

Arroyo said that through events like the Books on Bank Street series, she hopes to introduce attendees to new authors if they haven’t already discovered them. She said she would like to introduce attendees to unique perspectives, and encourage them to appreciate how amazing the people in our community are.

“We would also like to introduce attendees to our little library if they haven’t already discovered us,” Arroyo added. “Celebrate summer. Celebrate each other. And perhaps, attendees will leave our author talks with a little more ‘sand in their shoes.’”

Author Don Wilding, who will talk about his book “Historic Storms of Cape Cod” on June 24, said there are many ways for authors to connect with readers outside the pages of their books, and events such as talks and book signings are one of them.

“As a longtime local newspaper editor, I learned early on that it’s important to be out and about in your community and to communicate with your readers,” Wilding said. “Being an author, particularly one that writes about local history, is no different.”

Wilding’s latest book, “Historic Storms of Cape Cod,” looks back at the most severe weather events to strike the Cape over the last 125 years.

“This presentation will hopefully raise awareness of the danger of severe weather and its impact,” Wilding said.

Meeting with readers can offer local authors an opportunity to encourage the emerging writers within the community. Wilding said he always encourages anyone that has a story to tell to pursue writing.

“I’ve been offering encouragement to fledgling and aspiring writers for as long as I can remember, whether it’s at an author event, in the newsroom, or with friends and family members,” Wilding said.

Author Paul Kemprecos said every writer is motivated by the desire to tell a story.

“It can be daunting, but highly motivating, when the people who have read, or are going to read that story, are right there in front of you,” Kemprecos said. “It’s what keeps you writing.”

Kemprecos added that as writing is solitary, writers are constantly judging whether their day spent pushing words around was a success. Meeting with readers is an encouraging, invigorating experience.

“Having people gather to hear you talk about your writing provides a big boost,” Kemprecos said. “It’s at events like the one at the Harwich Port library that I’ve heard from people how my books have changed someone’s life, making a reader so homesick he or she moves back to Cape Cod. Comments like that help you keep going.”

The Harwich Port Library, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year, is located at 49 Bank St. in Harwich Port. For more information visit hptlibrary@verizon.net or call 508-432-3320.