Athletes Of The Week: Connor Francis & Paul Carlson

May 22, 2024
Monomoy seniors Paul Carlson, left, and Connor Francis. BRAD JOYAL PHOTO Monomoy seniors Paul Carlson, left, and Connor Francis. BRAD JOYAL PHOTO

by Brad Joyal

HARWICH - The Monomoy boys tennis team's first doubles pairing was determined to earn a win.

On Monday, seniors Paul Carlson and Connor Francis did just that to help the Sharks earn a 3-2 victory over visiting Nantucket at Brooks Park.

Carlson and Francis partnered for a 6-1, 6-4 victory over Hawkin Edwardes and Seren Edwardes to help Monomoy (10-6) win its third straight match.

"The biggest thing for them is chemistry," Monomoy coach Reuben Bowman said. "They've communicated really well, they play really well, and they smile when they win and smile when they lose. You need that -- you need them to mentally be very good."

Although it's Carlson's first season playing tennis, he and Francis have proved to be a natural fit together on the court.

"We're good at communicating," said Carlson, a Chatham resident. "We know what each of us is best at and we're able to work as a team and keep our cool even when we make mistakes."

Francis said there's chemistry that helps them coexist on the court, adding that he's been impressed with just how consistent Carlson has been during his debut season.

"He's really consistent for it being his first year playing," said Francis, a Harwich resident. "That's what amazes me. I've been playing since I was in third grade and I'm still not consistent in some shots. He's really consistent."