Volunteers Help Beautify Brewster

by Contributed

BREWSTER – On April 27, 236 volunteers helped make Brewster beautiful in the annual Beautify Brewster cleanup, just six days before the annual Brewster in Bloom weekend.

The litter collection covered approximately 29 miles of roadways, 1.25 miles of beaches and two miles of the bike trail. A total of 1,170 pounds of litter was picked up and responsibly managed as recycling or trash.

Data collected by the volunteers revealed that there were 390 pounds of trash less than last year, but the individual “top five” continued to be the same group: cigarette butts (11,459), nips (2,564), beverage cans (1,045), food wrappings (763) and plastic bits (1,806).

Except in the nips category, where the number collected decreased by 1,026, the amount collected in the other categories was slightly more than the year before, demonstrating that litter continues being tossed, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Nonetheless, the data also clearly demonstrates the success of the recently implemented nips ban in significantly reducing the volume of roadside nips by almost 30 percent even though the ban was only in effect for four months.

Participants were asked to bring the more unique pieces of retrieved litter to the lunch location and attach it to the Trash Bass. This year, cannabis wrappings and a $1 bill were added as unique litter in addition to all the other “special” finds.

Volunteers were treated to a smorgasbord of luncheon treats at the Brewster Baptist Church thanks to Stop and Shop, Shaw’s, Trader Joe's Hyannis, Laurino's Brewster, Ferretti’s, The Kitchen Café, Brewster Chowder House, Pepsi Bottling Company, Brewster Pizza, Ocean Edge Resort, Freemans Grill, Cafe Alfresco, Pico's, Stone L’Oven, Chatham Bars Farm, and JTs Seafood Restaurant. Members of the Friends of Brewster Seniors as well as the two Karens, Tricia, Cindy, Steve, Jason, and Lori provided excellent service to the hungry volunteers.

Other sponsors, including Home Depot Hyannis, Hinckley Home Center, Ocean State Job Lot, Ace Hardware Brewster, and Mid Cape Home Center Orleans contributed towards equipment for the volunteers to use during the event. Home Depot even brought its own team.

Beautify Brewster is co-sponsored by the Brewster Department of Natural Resources and the Cape Cod Anti-Litter Coalition. The event’s success is due to the team captains’ leadership, the volunteers, the help of AmeriCorps staff, and local businesses.