Beach Reads: Little Libraries Dedicated In South Chatham

by Tim Wood

CHATHAM – Three new Little Libraries, created to resemble the South Chatham Public Library, were dedicated Saturday at three of the village’s beaches.

The libraries, made by the woodworking group of the Chatham-Harwich Newcomers Club, stand at public beaches at Cockle Cove, Forest Beach and Pleasant Street.

A crowd of library board members, supporters, members of the woodworking group and village residents attended the unveiling of the Little Library at Cockle Cove Beach. A display stood nearby detailing the process of building the libraries, from adaptation of the design of the library at 2559 Main St. to their creation in the workshop of members of the woodworking group, who spent the winter working on the project.

The libraries are a gift from the South Chatham Library’s board of directors to mark the facility’s 150th anniversary, said board president Peggy Holland.

“Our beautiful beaches are now adorned with these adorable libraries,” she said. The Little Libraries are built to stand 30 to 50 years of weather. “They’re built just like a house. They have a drip line over the roof, they have drains built into the base of the libraries so moisture can drain away from humidity.”

She thanked the park and recreation commission and select board, which approved and supported the project.

She encouraged residents to not only patronize the Little Libraries but also visit the South Chatham Library.

“It’s amazing how many people live in Chatham and have never been in the door of our library,” she said. “You should come in, because it’s 300 square feet of 4,000 books and it’s sweet as can be, and absolutely charming.”