The 204 Holds Cross Rip Gallery Winter Pop-Up Exhibit

By: Jennifer Sexton-Riley

Topics: local artist

From left: Kara Mewhinney, Harwich director of cultural affairs; Georgene Riedl, owner/artist of Cross Rip Gallery; Chatham artist Ellen C. Davies; Harwich artist Alla Zbinovsky; Eastham artist Heather Pilchard. All four artists have studios at The 204. Out of the 10 artists exhibiting, five currently have studios there, and one other formerly had a studio at The 204.

        In the midst of winter’s chill, the off season is switching on as The 204 in Harwich hosts a Winter Pop-Up art exhibit of Cross Rip Gallery artists through March 31.
        The 204, a mixed-use building which provides work spaces for artists and creative people of all kinds, will also feature works in the show by artists with studios in the building. The artists whose work will be included are Ellen C. Davies, Hollis Fortune, Leslie Kramer, Kate Nelson, Roe Osborn, Suzanne M. Packer, Richard O. Perry, Heather Pilchard, Georgene Riedl and Alla Zbinovsky.

        Owner/artist Georgene Riedl of Cross Rip Gallery said the Winter Pop-Up exhibit gives artists a valuable opportunity to show their work during a time of year when art galleries are usually closed.
Kara Mewhinney, the town of Harwich’s director of cultural affairs, is committed to spotlighting local artists,” Riedl said. “The Guild of Harwich Artists had an autumn exhibit at The 204 called ‘A Cornucopia of Artwork,’ and when it ended in November, Kara told me she didn’t want to leave The 204 empty for the winter. I was excited about the idea of having a winter art event, and I had been thinking of it since Cross Rip Gallery closed for the season at the end of December.”
        The exhibit includes nearly 60 works from emerging as well as established artists. With a nearly three-month span of time before the show will close, there is plenty of time to visit, and even to come back for another look at favorite pieces.
        Riedl pointed out that the Winter Pop-Up exhibit will give visitors an opportunity to see the work of Cross Rip Gallery artists in a different environment than they might be used to. Unlike a typical gallery setting, the Cross Rip Gallery shows contemporary art in the atmosphere of an 1830s Cape house with natural lighting, so people see the artwork as they would in their own home.
        “It’s set up like a residential home, with couches and chairs, like coming into a house. So it’s different for us to be in this sort of gallery setting, and the work looks great,” Riedl said. “There are so many different artists, so much good work and so many different forms of personal expression. There are artists in the show from Brewster, Chatham, Harwich, Orleans, Yarmouth, and all over the Cape.”
        The 204 has an elevator, and is accessible for all. Visiting hours for the Winter Pop-Up exhibit are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The 204 is located at 204 Sisson Rd., Harwich.