Our View: A Welcome Change


It was years ago now, but once upon a time quite a few iconic local businesses that are now open year round closed their doors right after Labor Day. Chatham Bars Inn, the Chatham Squire, Cape Sea Grille and the Chatham Wayside are among the many businesses that made the jump from seasonal to year round, benefiting the local community by generating much needed off-season economic activity and employing local folks throughout the year.

Now the Wequassett Inn and Resort in Harwich has joined the year-round business community, a welcome move for the above reasons and more. Wequassett will not only provide more accommodation choices for visitors but also options for dining at a time of year when finding an open restaurant can be a challenge.

The move can also provide impetus to chambers of commerce to work to encourage visitors to choose the off-season, when the weather is often fine and the crowds nonexistent. That's good for businesses and local residents, and will help provide an extra spark of life to bridge the slow times.