Our View: Thank You

Helping Neighbors is a partnership between the Cape Cod Chronicle and the Family Pantry of Cape Cod.

It was down to the wire. A real nail biter. But we made it. The Cape Cod Chronicle's Helping Neighbors summer fundraiser for the Family Pantry of Cape Cod met its goal. And then some.

For a while, it seemed like reaching this season's $75,000 goal was a long shot; just a few short weeks ago, more than $45,000 remained to close the gap. In a series of stories, we emphasized the importance of helping the Family Pantry have the resources it needs to meet the seemingly ever-expanding need, as an increasing number of local residents have to make the hard decision between buying food and paying rent, utilities, and other rising costs of living.

Several donors stepped forward to offer additional matching grants – among several generously proffered this summer – and our readers reached deep into their pockets. As of this week, we surpassed the goal by more than $2,500.

Well done!

Heading into the fall, the pantry will need the resources the fund drive will provide. This August, demand was up 45 percent over the same time last year; the 310,000 meals the Helping Neighbors' proceeds will provide will go a long way to stave off hunger for many local residents.

But we're not done yet. There's still time to contribute and take advantage of the matching grants, which will cover donations up to a total of $84,000. Let's ensure that the Cape's largest food pantry has the resources to meet the growing needs of our community. And for those who have already contributed, thank you. Your generosity toward your neighbors is much appreciated.