MCS Orb Project Returns: 100 Ceramic Balls To Be Scattered Around Town

By: Tim Wood

Topics: Community events

Some of the ceramic orbs created by Susan Dimm of Barn Hill Pottery that will be distributed around town for people to find and keep over the next 10 weeks. TIM WOOD PHOTO

CHATHAM — The orbs are returning.

The Monomoy Orb Project, which began last summer under the aegis of Monomoy Community Services, is back, with plans to distribute 100 decorative ceramic balls throughout town over the next 10 weeks. They'll be placed in public, town-owned locations, according to Graeme Milley, an MCS board member who oversees the project.

“They'll be visible and accessible without disturbing the environment they're in,” he said.

Last summer, all but four of the 100 numbered orbs were found. Those four are currently on display at The Loop, new shop at 193 Main St. which benefits MCS.
The Loop will figure in this year's orb hunt. When people find an orb, they are being asked to bring it to The Loop so that they can have their photograph taken and register that particular orb as found. The finder gets to keep the orb at no cost.

Having people check in at The Loop is a way to spread the word about the shop and its mission, said Milley.

“It's such a cool new store, we want to drive traffic there,” he said, “and keep it a fun game.” Visitors to the shop can support MCS either through a purchase or by direct donation.

The orbs are being created by Susan Dimm of Barn Hill Pottery. Last year, Milley took it upon himself to hide all 100; this year he'll have help. “When there's 100 of them, it adds up,” he said. Members of the MCS board, along with Sophie Dress, who runs The Loop, will assist in placing the orbs around town.

Roughly 10 of the orbs will be hidden every week into September. “We kind of want to give locals more of a shot at it” by extending the project into the fall, Milley said.

The orb project isn't a direct fundraiser for MCS, which provides social service, childcare and financial support resources to Chatham residents; there's no entry fee and finders can keep the orbs at no charge. Rather, the hunt draws attention to the agency, and by having finders come into The Loop, will hopefully result in donations or sales to benefit MCS.

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