Letters To The Editor: July 21, 2022

Letters to the editor.

A Good Post Office Story


West Harwich has many treasures. One is the beautiful Herring River. Another is a person. Her name is Marge Cummings. Marge is the mail carrier for the West Harwich Post Office. Every day Marge loads the postal truck twice. Once with all of the Amazon deliveries and once with the first-class mail.
During COVID a senior resident was reluctant to pick up her mail from her post office box. Learning this Marge and her husband installed a mailbox in front of her home.

Last week, seeing that the window boxes outside the post office were in need of attention, she bought and planted new flowers in each of them.
This special lady works tirelessly every day for the residents of West Harwich. She deserves our thanks. How fortunate we are to have her.

Virginia Doyle
West Harwich


Ironic And Hypocritical Court Rulings


Last week a letter writer to this paper expressed dismay over students protesting against the recent ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. He advocated that we take heed of Pope Francis’ opinion regarding abortion.

I’d like to remind the writer that we are not all Catholic, do not have the same beliefs as Catholics, and that separation of church and state is an essential principle in the governing of our country. I am not asking him to follow my religious beliefs, either.

I was heartened to see that young people care enough to get out and express how overbearing the court is in restricting our reproductive choice, and I applaud these students.

The ironies and glaring hypocrisies of this court decision include sitting judges who have credible accusations against them of sexual harassment and sexual assault. And the court was appointed by someone who did not even win the popular vote and is himself credibly accused of sexual assaults and grossly inappropriate behavior with women. These are the guys deciding about our bodies? Plus of course other Catholic judges who cannot, evidently, set aside their personal biases when presiding.

The letter writer, by referring to pregnancy as “inconvenient,” demonstrates an ignorance of the extraordinary lifelong physical, mental, and economic hardships that come with bearing a child, let alone bearing an unwanted child. He asks that we “come together to help women and girls.” On this we agree! Presently, however, most of what occurs is the anti-choice states voting down programs that would provide funding for education, housing, and child care.
And one more thing: can we help women and girls by encouraging young men to take greater responsibility in birth control?

As Gloria Steinem once famously said, If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

Reilly Pavia