Our View: Outrage


Residents should be outraged that anti-Semitic flyers were dropped along residential roads in Chatham earlier this week. Historically, Chatham has always been a very tolerant community, welcoming a diversity of religious denominations and people. To find something like this in our midst, and to know that someone with such abhorrent views was on our streets, sends a chill up the spine.

About 20 of the flyers were found around the Stage Harbor Road-Bridge Street area, in plastic bags weighed down by rocks. Apparently distributed at random, they nonetheless were obviously meant to be found. We won't mention the group cited in the flyer or the content, except that it contained misinformation about the media (similar tropes have been spread since the early days of Hollywood) and disgusting imagery reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Police are asking residents to check outdoor cameras to see if any images are available of people distributing the flyers.

There's no place here, or anywhere, frankly, for this kind of intolerant, pernicious garbage. If it was meant to frighten people, it won't work. We hope authorities can track down the miscreants who left the flyers and expose them for the haters they are.