Letters To The Editor: July 7, 2022

Letters to the editor.

Disheartened By Letter


I was so disappointed and disheartened by the recent letter from Jared Fulcher. A great example of the divide in our country. His point that it’s not guns, it’s mental illness, what about McVeigh, what about this guy is the exact reason more children will be slaughtered soon again. This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue, we are Americans first and our children are being slaughtered. It is assault rifles and mental illness, it is allowing 18-year-olds to buy them, many of them unchecked. No one but a soldier needs an assault rifle. Your suggestion of armed guards at school is utterly unacceptable. We are talking about grade school, man! When I went to grade school my biggest concern was if it was pizza day, not if I might be gunned down.

I believe in your right to bear arms, not rifles that were intended only to be used in war. Unfortunately former President Bush did away with the Brady Bill which put these murderous weapons back in play. Why can other civilized countries have an incident and act on them and we can not?  Is your right to own an AR more important than someone's life? What if it was your child?  Did you know Cape Cod has the highest rate of mental illness in the state of Massachusetts? Here’s the other issue on the political side, the Republicans want virtually no checks for guns and will never support social programs that might help with the mental illness issues. I know we live in a dangerous world and there will always be violence, but we can no longer stay stuck. Reasonable laws have got to be put in place.

Tony Guthrie


Finders Come Through


While recently swimming with his brothers at Harding’s Beach, our grandson Colin found that the cross given to him by his parents for Confirmation in 2019 was no longer attached to his neck chain. It has a very special meaning for Colin, and he was devastated when he lost it. The family searched along the shore for the cross to no avail. Colin’s grandmother, my wife Mary, would not be deterred, and after obtaining the contact number for a metal-detector service who had left a business card at the parking shack, contacted the Ring Finders, an organization of individuals who are dedicated in providing their services, their slogan being “We never give up.” We thank two dedicated guys, Rick Browne and Leighton Harrington, for their efforts, which resulted in the recovery of the cross in two feet of water three days after it was lost. TheRingFinders.com is the website of the world-wide organization for anyone in need of their services.

Dave Devine
West Chatham


Supreme Court Decision Wrong


In response to the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion rights, we would like to share our opinion. We both strongly agree that abortion should be legal in all U.S states. Our strongest reasoning for our opinion is that women should be able to make the decisions for themselves rather than the country making it for them. Women's rights have been limited for many centuries. Whether to keep a baby or not is no one's decision but the mother’s. Consider those women who can't afford a baby. The average cost of raising a baby is $13,000 a year. The average income of a woman in the U.S is about $43,000 a year. The amount goes down to only around $24,000 a year for women without a diploma. In the situation of a teen getting pregnant, the girl should at least have a choice to keep her baby or not. A young girl who wants an abortion is now going to have to get a lawyer and have to fight for a right that she should already have.  Abortion will never go away, it will just make having an abortion even more dangerous when women start having to risk doing it themselves. Roe v. Wade guaranteed that women would receive a certain amount of protection, and now that's gone.

Hanadi Rezk
Stella Weinberg


Many Helped Fireworks Return


The Chatham Athletic Association and Chatham Anglers baseball express our sincere thanks to the Chatham Bars Inn, Kinlin Grover Real Estate, Chatham Chamber of Commerce and Merchants Association, Chatham Cookware, Chatham Candy Manor, Chatham Clothing Bar, and Cape Cod 5 for their financial support to allow summer fireworks to return to Veterans Field after an almost 50 year absence. We also give a big shout out thank you to the entertainers who made the show possible; Maureen Yalenezian for her excellent face painting; to Dan Clark, the Singing Trooper and his wife Mary who put on a fantastic pre-fireworks patriotic music set; and finally a special thank you to Northstar Fireworks for providing a tremendous fireworks display to bring the show to a spectacular conclusion. Thank you to all who were involved and witnessed this truly memorable night.

Steve West, president
Chatham Athletic Association


Questions Appointment Of Election Workers


Election workers should be people who care about fair elections. Since our last presidential election, the majority of the Republican party has been attacking the integrity of the process by claiming the election was rigged, and by seeking for themselves the power to determine future results in states where they are in control. In Massachusetts, election workers are appointed by town selectmen from lists submitted by the two major parties (MGL Ch. 54 Section 12). We are not in a normal political competition at this time, where the two parties try to defeat each other. One party is at war against democracy itself. Therefore people on the Republican lists should be presumed unqualified and required to prove they are not Big Lie supporters and have not been since Biden's victory was confirmed.

Steven Atwood