Our View: Celebrating Independence, And An Expanding Family


At The Cape Cod Chronicle, change is glacial. Sometimes that means we’re behind the times a bit when it comes to technology and the latest trends in digital communication. In the great Zoom meeting of life, we’re the one who usually forgets to un-mute. It’s partly a product of being a family-owned small business.

But occasionally, our inertia works to our advantage. Lately, our greatest successes have come from not adopting the self-destructive policies that our competitors have embraced. 

With the exception of The Chronicle and two other independent publications, every newspaper on Cape Cod is owned by a single national corporation. In our region’s daily newspaper, the damage is plain to see. Local news coverage is painfully thin, letters to the editor are scarce, local sports reporting has all but vanished, and they no longer print the paper on Saturdays. Their once-bustling newsroom in Hyannis is gone, with a skeleton staff doing their best to keep the paper going. Each week, it seems, the daily paper gets thinner – and the price of subscribing gets steeper.

At The Cape Cod Chronicle, we remain proudly independent. Our owners, Hank and Karyn Hyora, are longtime Chatham residents, not media moguls or investment bankers. Our papers remain hefty each week, laden with local stories, photos, features, opinion pieces and helpful local ads. We keep our subscription rates  low, and our advertisers tell us that their ads bring in customers. In short, we’re thriving because we haven’t changed much.

Why devote this space to a self-congratulatory editorial? Two reasons. First, we’re really congratulating our hard-working staff, our longtime subscribers and our loyal advertisers. Together, we’re creating something special and worthwhile with every issue, something completely unusual in these days of wide-scale news deserts. We’re thankful for that.

But we also have some news to announce. For decades, The Chronicle covered only Chatham and Harwich, priding ourself on hyper-local news coverage. In 2016, we made our first tentative steps toward covering Orleans. It took years of internal debate to overcome the inertia and take on a third town. And now, with our advertiser and subscriber base growing, we’re welcoming Brewster to the fold. Look for some additional coverage of Brewster in each issue.

We’ve come to realize that, at least with the four towns tied to Pleasant Bay, the issues binding us together are more numerous than the natural Cape Cod inclination to stick to one’s own town or village. Together, our Lower Cape towns share common challenges in housing, sustainability and environmental protection, just as we share commerce by visiting one another’s stores, restaurants and professional offices.

Our coverage will remain hyper-local, and we’re excited to expand the family just a bit. Tell us how we’re doing when it comes to covering your neighborhood. Call Hank at 508-945-2220, or swing by our office in Chatham and let him and other members of the staff know.