Letters To The Editor: June 23, 2022

Letters to the editor.

Questions Coast Guard Choice


I was stationed at Station Chatham from February 1984 until October 1987 as a BM3 and BM2. I was a qualified heavy weather coxswain. During that time we responded to many search and rescue calls. In that time I only remember going to little Pleasant Bay one time for a rescue. We were able to go where we needed to using a 21-foot Outrage with twin outboards. The new 27-foot shallow water craft sounds like a waste of a resource. It might not be a bad idea to get vessels capable of doing the job that’s needed. For 30 years the mission was carried on very well using 44-foot MLBs.

Chris Jepsen, BM1 USCG Ret.


Monroe Vs. Kardashian


It's been reported that Kim Kardashian damaged Marilyn Monroe's iconic 1962 crystal covered "Happy Birthday" dress when she wore it to the Met Gala in New York last month. Ms. Monroe wore that dress when she sang a sultry happy birthday to President John F. Kennedy during his 45th birthday celebration that was held at Madison Square Garden.

I'm suddenly reminded of Sen. Lloyd Benson (D) telling Sen. Dan Quayle (R) during the 1988 vice-presidential debate: "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."

And at this point I'm thinking: Kim Kardashian, you're no Marilyn Monroe.

Mike Rice
South Wellfleet


What The Flush?


We are supposed to be conserving water! Can’t wash my car, can’t water my lawn. No overuse of water as I drive by a sign saying hydrant flushing! Thousands of gallons of water pouring down the streets. I would think they could put this off like the rest of us.

John Huether


Rideshare Drivers Need Flexibility


As a rideshare driver, I had high hopes for a ballot initiative overwhelmingly supported by drivers, but today’s court decision to toss the question has left me feeling defeated. The question would have secured my flexibility and provided company-paid benefits, and now I must rely on state lawmakers to take action.

Some benefits within reach include a healthcare stipend, earned sick and family medical leave time, and a salary floor of $18 per hour for work. Some politicians and special interests would have you believe all 200,000 rideshare and delivery drivers want to be employees. I am among the 81 percent of drivers who push back on that idea.

Look around, there are plenty of open delivery driver jobs that are full-time. Those jobs have incredibly rigid schedules.

Driving when I want, where I want and for how long I want is my choice. I need lawmakers to listen, and work together.

Patty Hill


Stello Announces New Owners


Over the past few years, I have been looking at options of how to transition my business and step down as the current president of Stello Construction. This isn’t a matter of if I am still enjoying what I do or that I’ve had enough. I wish I could go on for forever! There was a realization of what could happen here if I was suddenly out of the picture, and that was not a viable option.

With that being said, Stello Construction will continue on now with two new owners. They are both well-known professionals that I have worked with for many years. Sean Lydon, who has been Stello’s Construction head foreman, brings an extensive knowledge of construction to the business. His values and experience he’s brought as an employee the past 17 years will continue in his new role. Scott Morris of SDM Electric has been working with Stello Construction for 14 years as our electrician. While working with us, Scott has gotten to know our customers and brings his valued business experience to Stello Construction.

Announcing the transition in this way, I have tried to stave off any possible disruptions or reservations by trying to keep everything familiar for everyone (clients included) and hoping for a seamless transition.

I wanted to take the time to say thank you and show my appreciation to all of the people around me, in whatever role they played in helping my business succeed. It has been a rewarding experience for me. I feel that I owe a big thank you to all of the employees of Stello Construction, the subcontractors we work with, as well as our many clients that have trusted us over the years. I feel that this is an obligation that I need to respect, especially for all of those who have been involved to see the business continue and grow. 

I will still be at Stello Construction and available to help in a different capacity supporting the future of the business for Scott and Sean. Doing this, in this way, I hope the livelihoods of everyone will continue and the service to our clients will remain intact.

Thank you for all for your support over the years.

This has been so rewarding to my wife and I and I hope this is my way of paying it forward for the future generations involved with Stello Construction.

Robert Stello
South Chatham


Lack Of Respect In Cemetery


Saturday morning I went to visit Union Cemetery. I came in from Stepping Stones Road on the fence where a bunch of white balloons were tied. I thought this was strange but continued on up the hill. I started to see arrows pointing toward our grave site. As I came to my husband's grave I noticed a trail of lights (solar lights) leading from the tar to the fence at the edge of the cemetery going right beside our grave site. I believe it was so that people could park in the cemetery and go to a party at the house. This in my opinion was so disrespectful. I believe the cemeteries are closed at dusk, and why should anyone be there after dark? If they weren't going to be there after dark why would they need a lighted path? I could not just let this go. I saw a police person parked in a parking lot and asked if they had been notified and was told no. Is there no respect left in this world?

Margaret Eldredge


Many Make Garden Tour Flourish


Saturday, June 18 was a sunny, delightful day, the perfect day for a garden tour! The Orleans Improvement Association held its 33rd annual tour on that day, offering six beautiful gardens for visitors to enjoy. Over 500 garden tourists commented on the wonderful experience of being able to wander through amazing gardens filled with a lovely variety of plantings, often with gorgeous vistas as well.

The tour was a team effort, as always, with many volunteers giving time and energy to make it a success. Our special thanks go to the garden/home owners who prepared and generously shared their gardens with the happy visitors. There would be no tour without their generosity. Special thanks also to Justin Alex for his outstanding article published in The Chronicle highlighting the event.

Many, many additional volunteers played an important part in making the tour a success. The OIA Garden Tour Committee, garden coordinators and volunteers, parkers, master gardeners from the BMGA all pitched in to make the day a good experience for visitors. Plein air artists, Linda Beach, Peter Kalill, Taylor Fox, Mary Wojciechowski, Natalie Timoshin and Paula David painted in the gardens throughout the day, with receptions held following the tour at Gallery 31 and Orleans Modern Art.

Local businesses sponsored the tour with unprecedented levels of support. They included Agway, The Bird Watcher’s General Store, Beach Road Properties, Cape Cod 5, Eastward Companies, Friends’ Marketplace, Moore Security and Services, Nauset Marine, Polhemus Savery DaSilva Builders, The Farm, Adorn, Canterbury Leather, Cape Associates,Inc., Laura Clements and Jeff Cusack at Cove Road Real Estate, Crocker’s Nursery Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty, Hole in One, Hot Chocolate Sparrow, JC Donald, Mahoney’s Atlantic Bar and Grill, McPhee Associates, Mid Cape Home Centers, The Alley Bowling and BBQ, and The Cove Motel. Our deepest thanks to them all. Non-profit partners included the Master Gardeners Association of Cape Cod, Pollinator Pathway Cape Cod and Orleans Community Partnership-Orleans Cultural District and many more.

Because of the generosity of so many, OIA is able to continue to fund projects and events for the benefit of all. Again, many, many thanks to everyone involved!

Gary Bowden
Mark Ziomek
Dianne Fromm
Orleans Improvement Association 2022 Garden Tour