Athlete Of The Week: Lucy Mawn

By: Brad Joyal

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Monomoy junior Lucy Mawn. BRAD JOYAL PHOTO

Even before this season began, it was widely known that Lucy Mawn is an impact player for the Monomoy girls lacrosse team. The junior from Harwich was a key contributor last year as a sophomore, so it was only natural that she would make a jump and take on an even larger role this season as an upperclassman.

Monday was the perfect example of just how much Mawn can do to make a difference, as she scored six goals – including four in the second half – to lift Monomoy to a 9-7 victory over Plymouth South on the road.

“Obviously, we rely a lot on Lucy to spearhead our offense and win draws,” Monomoy coach Jennifer Stevens said. “Someone asked me how we’re going to do – we’re going to go as far as Lucy takes us. Everyone else is understanding that she’s going to draw two or three players and they need to put themselves in the spots so she can find them because she will.”

Stevens said she’s noticed Mawn is much more comfortable being a leader, both with her voice and her play.

“Last year as a sophomore she didn’t really want to take on that role,” Stevens said. “This year she does, so now we have to realize how we play off her.”

Mawn said her success has been the result of multiple factors. She said playing over the summer helped improve her skills, but she also acknowledged that she’s benefited from supportive teammates who are also capable of making plays and helping the Sharks continue to win games.

“I’m older and I also played the whole summer, so that helped a lot,” Mawn said. “My team is really supportive, they’re always uplifting me. But it’s not just me; if I’m ever being face-guarded or something like that, my team’s able to step up and do it for themselves, too.”

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