‘Artist’s Choice’ Opens At Galley West Art Gallery

By: Jennifer Sexton-Riley

Topics: local artist

Meeting in the Garden” by Maria Finch Chandler, part of Galley West Art Gallery’s “Artist’s Choice” exhibition.

     ORLEANS – Galley West Art Gallery’s new show, “Artist’s Choice,” opens on May 14.
     For inspiration, artists were encouraged to contemplate the following quote by Pablo Picasso: "I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else." The show’s jurist Roberta Anslow, an Orleans resident and award-winning photographer, said she was pleasantly surprised by the interpretations by the 26 artists whose work will be included in the exhibition.
This show asks artists to choose the art they want to submit without the limitation of fitting into a theme,” Anslow said. “As an artist, do you pick the pieces to submit that you like the best, or the pieces that evoke an emotion, or the piece you just finished? Some of the work is outstanding. The biggest surprise was the entries by a seven-year-old budding artist.”
     She added, “It's an interesting process selecting art for a show, especially when images are submitted electronically. You take a leap of faith that your selections are accurately reflected in the images submitted. I won't see the ‘live’ work until I hang the show.”
     Anslow explained that she selected something from almost every artist who submitted work for consideration. Some artists just need some refinement or more experience with their medium, she said. Hopefully those artists will submit again to a future call for work.
     “We are an all-volunteer art gallery. That means, if you are selected for a show, you are expected to work two or three days in the gallery,” Anslow added. “This is a new approach to an art gallery. A community approach. The gallery is supported and run by volunteers from the community, and we all want to see it succeed. I encourage all the artists I know to enter the various calls for art.”
     The opening reception for “Artist’s Choice” will take place on Saturday, May 14 from noon to 2 p.m. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. All art is for sale. If you missed this show’s deadline, have no fear. Galley West Art Gallery's next show, "Celebrate Summer," is seeking original art and handcrafted work that celebrates the light and rhythm of summer.
     The call for submissions will be open through June 2. For more information and entry visit www.galleywestartgallery.com.