Helping Neighbors Campaign Surpasses $100K Fundraising Goal

By: Brad Joyal

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Family Pantry of Cape Cod volunteers work at the pantry warehouse on Queen Anne Road in Harwich. BRAD JOYAL PHOTO

HARWICH – Back in November when the Family Pantry of Cape Cod and The Cape Cod Chronicle learned there was an anonymous donor willing to match up to $50,000 worth of donations, the two organizations set a lofty $100,000 goal for this holiday season’s Helping Neighbors campaign.

The Cape Cod community rallied around that goal and came through in a big way.

Helping Neighbors surpassed its $100,000 fundraising goal, finishing with a final tally of $102,975 after $12,905 was raised during the sixth and final week of the campaign.

“Our goal of $100,000 was the highest we’ve ever set for a Helping Neighbors campaign, and to be honest, we weren’t sure what to expect,” Cape Cod Chronicle Publisher Hank Hyora said. “We’re incredibly thankful for the generous donor who provided the $50,000 matching grant, but we also know that we wouldn’t have raised a dime without other contributors who gave small and large amounts.”

This winter’s campaign marked the fourth time that the Helping Neighbors’ donation total reached six figures. The largest fundraising total came during the 2017 summertime campaign, which raised $149,595. The 2018 summertime campaign raised $101,432, while last winter’s total was $101,692.

Family Pantry of Cape Cod Executive Director Christine Menard said she wasn’t surprised to see this winter’s final tally.

“I wasn’t surprised because I was watching it ramp up and the Cape community is just amazing, so when we got to around $95,000, I was pretty sure that we were going to hit the mark,” Menard said. “I am thrilled — to do $100,000 in December is wonderful.”

Menard said the pantry has seen an increase in clients in recent weeks and noted the funds raised will go a long way, considering each dollar raised equates to four meals the pantry is able to purchase.

“We’ll get 400,000 meals, so that’s wonderful,” she said. “In the last three or four weeks, we’ve really seen our volume pick up, so this is going to help tremendously.”

Hyora said the fundraiser shines a light on the generosity of area communities and should serve as a reminder of the good that is being done locally.

“Time and time again, people have stepped forward to help the Family Pantry, and The Chronicle is glad to support that generosity,” Hyora said. “If you’re looking for something to affirm your faith in human nature as we start 2022, this should do the trick.”

Although the Helping Neighbors campaign is completed, the Family Pantry still accepts donations year-round. Menard also said individuals or families that need help shouldn’t hesitate to stop by the pantry’s warehouse headquarters located at 133 Queen Anne Rd. in Harwich.

“There’s no documentation required and it’s a quick registration process,” Menard said. “Everyone is welcome at the pantry.”

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‘Helping Neighbors’ Donors

Week Six


Harwich Paint, Paul and Lynn Fox, In Honor of Bow Sale at Harwich Paint, $70 + 70 match = $140

Whitney Heavey Art, $50 + $50 match = $100

Mary Jackson, In Honor of Emily Arrett, $500 + $500 match = $1,000

Andres Blanco, In Honor of Andres and Celestina Blanco, $500 + $500 match = $1,000

Anonymous, $1,000 + $1,000 match = $2,000

Ted and Jodi Gallagher, $250 + $250 match = $500

Patti Smith, $100 + $100 match = $200

Anonymous, $50 + $50 match = $100

John Morgan, $14 + $14 match = $28

Anonymous, $6 + $6 match = $12

Donna and Joseph Desmond, $200 + $200 match = $400

Martin and Gail Berliner, $50 + $50 match = $100

B & B Nickerson, $250 + $250 match = $500

Deborah Stewart, $500 + $500 match = $1,000

Anonymous, In Memory of Fred Chill, Barbara Arendt, Paul & Helen Jackson, $200 + $200 match = $400

Anonymous, $1,000 + $1,000 match = $2,000

Anonymous, $100 + $100 match = $200

Tom and Sally Skillin, $100 + $100 match = $200

Margot Karbel, $25 + $25 match = $50




Paul Lawrence , $125

Carolyn Kemp, $500

PJ Delaney, In Honor of Bill and Gladys Kozon, $150

Sara Phillips, $500

Roy and Cheryl Nelson, $100

Thomas Doane, $200

Anonymous, $50

Anonymous, $100

Anonymous, $100

Paul and Donna Grogan, $500

Lauren and Hart Fessenden, $100

Elizabeth Leach, $100                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Anonymous, $50

Anonymous, $100

D & B Evans, $50

Anonymous, $250

Total Week 6 including Match: $12,905

Campaign Total: $102,975