Letters to the Editor, Dec. 30

Letters to the editor.

Time To Tax Alcoholic Beverages


For the last 20 years, I have been very involved in the field of mental health. I know there to be serious gaps in providing services to those in need.

I recently learned there is no sales tax on alcoholic beverages in the state of Massachusetts. I know for a fact that there is a sales tax in Florida.

It seems like a “no-brainer,” as a way to raise money for much-needed mental health services, to put a sales tax on alcoholic beverages.

I have written both my state rep and state senator on this issue. I know I am “David fighting Goliath,” as the alcoholic beverages industry is beyond powerful.

I feel driven to pursue this idea and am looking for like-minded individuals to join me in this endeavor. I can be reached at 774-722-4528 or at carolynmwitt@gmail.com.

Carolyn Witt



Appreciates Reporting Accuracy And Integrity


In 1996 two corporate gypsies chose to retire to the Cape where each had visited once in their youth. Chatham won our hearts. Kirwan Morgan sold us the house adjacent to his and gifted us with his friendship and a subscription to The Cape Cod Chronicle. In 2016 we left to be closer to family. We still receive your Weekend Update.

As a lifelong lover of newspapers, the1930s Boston Herald drew me in. I sailed for years with Ed Fouhy, an extraordinary newsman who told stories of modern history as we dodged sand bars in Pleasant Bay. Although a generation apart, I think of Ed and Tim Wood as relics of another world where accuracy and integrity in reporting were the guiding principles of news organizations. These men were/are dedicated chroniclers whose opinions and personas never appear in their work. I doubt that few have given such lengthy, generous community service. May the Chronicle enjoy a robust future.

David Rollins

Tucson, Az.