Liberty Commons Gives Thanks For Togetherness

By: Staff Reports

Topics: Chatham , Thanksgiving

Liberty Commons procured a special, 2,800-square-foot heated tent just for the occasion.  COURTESY PHOTO

NORTH CHATHAM — Though it took some ingenuity, residents at Liberty Commons nursing home had an opportunity to spend some quality time with loved ones on Thanksgiving, face-to-face. It was the kind of gathering that wasn't possible last Thanksgiving because of the pandemic.

The nursing home provided a large, heated tent that was erected in the parking lot, providing a safe, well-ventilated space for 100 residents and family members to share a Thanksgiving dessert buffet.

"We are so happy to be able to offer people the opportunity to come together in person, in keeping with a long, wonderful tradition that wasn't possible a year ago," said Bill Bogdanovich, President and CEO of Broad Reach Healthcare. "We will still need to exercise great caution, but we must find ways to come together in spite of COVID-19, even as it gets chilly at the end of November."

All of the guests were fully vaccinated and tested before being allowed entry to the tent, and masks were required when guests weren't eating or drinking. Residents were brought outside by staff members, to limit visitor activity inside the nursing home.

"After all the difficulties of the past year and a half, missing each other's company too many times, this is such a welcome and thoughtful step forward," resident Claudia Strathie said.