Letters To The Editor: Nov. 4, 2021

Letters to the editor.

Existential Questions About Flicks


I would agree with James Cole’s review of the “slow pacing and preachiness” of “Midnight Mass” (Oct. 7) except for one nagging question.

Why do I keep thinking about the series?

And why do I watch series like this? Or as I just did, watch movies like the 2019 flick “The Lighthouse” starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson portraying two men serving a stint on a lighthouse on a rock in the middle of nowhere (an apt description of the sea if I must say so) during especially treacherous weather? A movie that raises the existential question: Staying in the biblical vein of “Midnight Mass,” does solitude beget madness or does madness beget solitude?

Maybe I should just get a life or blame it on the pandemic?

And does anyone still refer to movies as “the flicks?”

Paul Galanti
Indianapolis, Ind.


Change Would Benefit Community


Chatham’s town counsel has opined that the select board’s responsibility in regard to the Chatham Airport is limited to the power of appointment of airport commission members and acceptance of appropriate airport-related warrant articles for town meetings. Incredibly and unfortunately, our elected officials have no jurisdiction over plans or policies at the airport. Absolutely no opportunity to govern. Citizens and taxpayers are powerless without any ability to participate in a meaningful way about the airport’s impact on quality of life issues, on the local environment including air and water quality, and on the long-term future of the airport. Townspeople appreciate our local airport and want it to have a viable future, but its governance should be more inclusive of what the community wants, which is essentially no expansion of use at the airport. For these reasons, we look to the executive authority of the town – the select board – to step in and serve as members of the airport commission, temporarily or permanently.  Town counsel has stated that there is no bar to prevent the board from doing so through a charter or bylaw amendment. Such action would provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to work united to provide an airport which serves the community and does not detrimentally impact our town, its natural resources, or its people’s safety and health.

Gloria Freeman
North Chatham


Trick-Or-Treat Help Appreciated


Once again, we would like to thank Monomoy Community Services and members of the Chatham First Congregational Church for contributing Halloween candy to our neighborhood.

This year's trick-or-treating was a return to normal, of a sort, with a noticeable increase over last year in the number of ghosts, goblins and ghouls roaming our neighborhood Sunday night. Literally hundreds of costumed kids had a blast visiting decorated homes and getting scared out of their wits; one neighbor counted more than 500 trick-or-treaters. The extra candy provided to us makes a big difference in both our budgets and the community's enjoyment of our Halloween-centric neighborhood.

We look forward to carrying on our tradition and appreciate the continued support of the community!

Elkanah, Nonantum and Konuhasset Residents