Sony Recognizes Monomoy’s TV And Digital Media Department Equipment Upgrade

By: Brad Joyal

Topics: Education , Monomoy Regional High School

Monomoy Regional High School’s TV and media department recently upgraded its equipment to include various state-of-the-art Sony products, including various cameras that are utilized by professional filmmakers. COURTESY PHOTO

Steve Cass’ trust in Sony dates back to his high school days, when he was involved with his school’s television program. When it came time for Monomoy Regional High School’s TV and digital media department to upgrade its equipment, Cass, who serves as a digital media/TV production teacher and oversees MRHS-TV, knew what brand to rely on.

“I was lucky enough to have a TV program similar to what the students have at Monomoy and my teachers always had Sony cameras for us to use, so that’s where it started for me,” Cass said of his allegiance to the brand. “Once I got into teaching, the reputation of Sony and using the equipment and knowing the background information just stuck with me. I just kept on using it because I’ve always had great success with it.”

Cass said the department began the process of updating its equipment about a year-and-a-half ago, a decision that was necessary because the existing equipment was about five years old and some couldn't even be repaired.

With the help of Ockers Company, a Brockton-based technology firm, Cass determined what state-of-the-art equipment would best suit Monomoy’s needs. MRHS-TV produces a wide range of programs — everything from the school’s morning announcements to sporting events, school committee meetings and school projects — all of which are broadcast on Channel 22 in Chatham and Harwich as well as uploaded to the MRHS-TV YouTube channel.

Knowing that he wanted crisp, quality broadcasts, Cass opted for a variety of Sony’s newest camera technology. Among the equipment he selected were HXC-FB80 studio cameras for the school’s TV studio, XDCAM camcorders for remote productions, SRG series streaming PTZ cameras that could be used in the school’s media center for school committee meetings, a handheld 4K Super35 cinema camcorder and Alpha 7 III full-frame mirrorless cameras that are utilized by the school’s digital media students.

It wouldn’t have been possible for the school to upgrade its equipment without the help of the towns of Chatham and Harwich.

“We were able to get the funding from Chatham and Harwich to upgrade our studio equipment,” Cass said. “We figured out what equipment we needed and went through the steps of being approved by each town to get the money to us. The community support, both from Harwich and Chatham, and the support from the administration allows us to be able to stay on the cutting edge and allow our students to be able to use professional equipment.”

As if using the same equipment as professional broadcasts isn’t enough, Sony recognized what Cass and Monomoy are building in Harwich after the teacher tweeted out a photo of some of the equipment that had arrived.

“During the early stages of our upgrade, I tweeted a picture of the process and it had some Sony boxes in there, and I tagged Sony and some of the other companies with the products that we had,” Case said. “And they ended up reaching out to my distributor to get my contact information to see what we were doing.”

The technology giant was so impressed with Monomoy’s TV and digital media department that it decided to publish a case study highlighting the equipment and practices being employed at the school.

For Cass, a longtime admirer of Sony, it was a thrill to be acknowledged by the brand.

“I think the biggest thing is when you talk about either equipment or movies or anything like that, you think about Sony, and to have them recognize our school district is pretty powerful stuff,” he said. “It gives credence to our program and what the students are able to achieve by being able to use this type of equipment. All of these professionals use the same type of equipment and they are able to use it right in high school. I think having that opportunity for the students and being recognized by Sony for being able to offer this to the students is definitely rewarding.”

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