Noëlle Pina Bids Fond Farewell To Orleans Chamber

By: Jennifer Sexton-Riley

Noel Pina is leaving the Orleans Chamber of Commerce after eight years as executive director.

After eight years as executive director of the 300-plus member Orleans Chamber of Commerce, Noëlle Pina has announced she is moving on to other pursuits. Pina will join longtime associate and former chamber chair Brian Junkins in a marketing position at Friends' Marketplace.

Pina worked in retail marketing in Nassau, Bahamas before moving to Cape Cod in 2010, having
studied public relations at Florida Southern College and completed her master’s degree at West Virginia University in integrated marketing communications. She first landed a position at the New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce before stepping into her role as head of the Orleans Chamber. Although she is leaving her longtime position behind, Pina said she is committed to a smooth, successful transition.

“The community of Orleans and the chamber have allowed me to grow into a well-respected professional,” Pina said. “These are my friends, and all of the businesses involved have supported me for eight years. I want to make sure they know I am giving back too, in all the ways that I can.”

Pina's obvious passion for small business has been a great benefit to the chamber and its membership over the years. She has managed the chamber’s image by crafting marketing materials, web content and media communications. She has led the publication of “Truly Orleans,” the chamber's annual magazine, while managing every aspect of the organization's many events, directing operations at the chamber, promoting Orleans as a destination, and championing member businesses to visitors, second home owners and the residents of Orleans. While in her position as chamber executive director, Pina was honored with the
Cape and Plymouth Business Magazine's 40 Under 40 Award, a distinction which spotlights young business leaders who excel in their industry and have made a mark in the region at a young age.

The idea of working for Junkins, owner and president of Friends' Marketplace, had come up in the past but it wasn't the right move at that time. Pina explained that one day she and Junkins were talking about her work experience before the chamber and she described her retail marketing experience.
“He said it had always been his desire to have that kind of position at Friends' Marketplace, but it wasn't quite the right time yet,” Pina recalled. “We talked about once every year, and finally he asked if I remembered that marketing position. He said he'd written up the job description, and asked if I would be willing to take a look at it, give him some input, and let him know if I was interested in talking further. We talked about the position, whether I was a good fit, whether it was a good fit for me, and finally we agreed we thought it would be a great move for me. So of course the next step was that we wanted to talk about the future success of the chamber.”

Pina explained that she is grateful to be going to work for someone who cares about the community and the chamber, allowing her the time and access she needs to help her successor benefit from her experience while crafting their own vision of the organization. She thanked all of the board members and previous board members, supporters, the membership and the Orleans community, because without them there couldn't be a successful chamber.
“Brian and I both care about the chamber and its future success,” Pina said. “I want to help the new executive director to be comfortable and successful, and I want the membership to know that although I am transitioning to something else, I am not just going away. Although I would never want to smother the incoming person or make them feel that they are accountable to me, I do want to provide them with all of the tools and materials I have acquired in my time in the position. Both Brian and I want the chamber to be as successful in the next six months as it is today.”

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