Letters To The Editor: April 1, 2021

Letters to the editor.

Elementary School Vs. New Senior Center


I know a new senior center has been before the community for a long time, but the recent idea regarding housing it in part of the elementary school building has great merit.

Things to consider: cost savings of probably $5 million, location near downtown and the community center and outdoor activities – very important that seniors would be able to be near and interact with children benefiting both – plenty of parking, one-story building, level lot and better access due to no continuous traffic running by the front door. Timing wise, it would be superior as the building already exists.

Food for thought.

Phil Richardson
Chatham and Tiburon, Calif.


Liberal Journalists Wearing Blinders


Its so predictable how most liberal journalists can’t resist slamming President Trump at every opportunity. On Jan. 31, 2020 President Trump banned flights from China and moments later media figures and Democrats accused him of being xenophobic. As it turned out it was estimated by the CDC that decision saved thousands of lives. If it were not for Donald Trump’s pertinacity there would not be COVID vaccinations available until 2025, if then. If we had investigative journalists, Joe Biden would not be president based on his cognitive issues along with his son’s shady dealings with China and the Ukraine. There is also evidence Joe benefited from these dealings. Most of the mainstream media are ignoring the present chaos at our southern border that Donald Trump had well in control. This onslaught of illegals will also create wage competition with America lower wage earners. The liberal media are also supporting the idiotic coronavirus relief bill that in actuality only covers 10 percent of COVID expenses. The rest is consumed bailing out Democrat controlled states that allowed riots and burning through the summer along with other Democrat favorite groups such as unions and Planned Parenthood. This massive spending will cause significant inflation, which will cause major problems for the poorer American families who the Democrats claim they protect.

Why do we hear nothing about the debt burden? Twenty-seven trillion dollars places a debt burden of $81,000 on every man women and child in the U.S. However, only half of the population works and pays taxes, so the taxpayers are on the hook for $162,000. What a burden to leave to our children and grandchildren. How can anybody be proud of that legacy? It’s intergenerational theft. By the way, this is a gift to us from both parties.

James Coyle


Keep Farming Jenkins Bog


With regards to the letter written in a previous publication, I am totally in agreement that the Jenkins Family Cranberry Bogs on Route 124 in Harwich should remain as cranberry bogs. Not only because of their aesthetic look to the area but also for their contribution to the industry of cranberry growing here on the Cape. Other bogs within the town have been allowed to fall into overgrown disrepair and do not resemble anything of their original purpose. Please, before any decisions have been made, seek the possibility of leasing these bogs so that they remain in their current state. There is nothing more beautiful than sunset overlooking the Jenkins bogs or viewing their crop being harvested in the fall.

Joyce Bearse
Pleasant Lake


Lament For Loss Of Tree


The massive, old silver maple that has graced Chatham’s downtown Main Street for more than half a century is now gone. RIP. She stood in front of what is now the Lilly Pulitzer shop and provided cooling shade and comfort while drawing in greenhouse gases and cleaning the air we breathe.

A couple of summers ago two young tourists asked me to take their picture as they stood in front of the giant trunk. I asked why here and they said it was because this is such a big, old, beautiful tree. In fact, she wasn’t really beautiful. She had been disfigured by years of severe pruning away from utility wires and structures. In the Friends of Trees brochure for the Walking Tour of Notable Trees in Chatham Village, she is tree #6. She was notable for her size and perseverance, that she had survived storms and increasingly poor conditions.

In most cases, a property owner has a right to remove trees on their property. But it is unfortunate that for such a large and noticeable tree as this one, there is not a mechanism in place requiring that the tree be replaced by ones of equal mass, if not on the same property then in some place similar to replace Chatham’s tree canopy. Even so, it would be decades before the benefits she provided will be replaced.

Chatham has regulations in place aimed to protect historic structures created by the human hand. Why do we not protect historic trees created by Mother Nature?

DeeDee Holt

The writer is president of Chatham Friends of Trees.