Steve Lyons

Beloved Chatham artist and resident, Steve Lyons, passed away at his home, Sunday, March 21, after a stouthearted and courageous battle with brain cancer. He was surrounded by family. Steve was 62.
For seven years, his artistic gifts and welcoming presence lit up Chatham’s art scene. Prior to that, he gained early fame as a painter and gallerist in Provincetown. Steve was the frequent recipient of numerous national and international honors and awards for his work. His creations ranged from beautiful sculptural seascapes utilizing heavy impasto textures to vibrant abstract work shaped with poured resins. He said “an artist is simply committed to creating...I must create in order to be happy. I learned and accepted this about myself at a very young age.”
Steve was born to Woodrow and Loraine Lyons in Portsmouth, Ohio. He began painting as a child and by age 8 had won his first competition. He earned a B.A. at Eastern Kentucky University, and an M.A. at Louisiana State University, where he majored in journalism and minored in art, and was a Walter Hitesman scholarship recipient. 
From college, Steve moved to New York City and shortly thereafter met Peter Demers. Peter quickly became Steve’s greatest fan as well as his partner in life and eventually in business. The two moved from New York to New Haven and then to Boston. While in Boston, Steve and Peter established a getaway in Provincetown where they gradually would spend more and more of their time. 
During a home renovation, Steve found inspiration in an abundance of scrap lumber leftover from various projects. He began to use the scraps to create what would later become known as “Momento Paintings” — small format landscapes and abstract works which eventually garnered attention from collectors and critics all over the world. Painting then shifted from a fun expression of creativity for Steve, to a full-time creative mission, eventually leading to the establishment of his own gallery in Provincetown.
In 2013, Steve visited Chatham and quickly became enchanted by the idyllic seaside village. By 2014, Steve and Peter had moved to Chatham as full-time residents and signed a lease to open a gallery and painting studio on Main Street. The Chatham community opened its arms to the couple and before long, they had established meaningful and deep relationships there. Steve would eventually describe Chatham as the place he was at his very happiest; a sentiment shared by Peter as well. 
Steve loved pier diving with his son, Eli, and few things provided more joy for him than fatherhood. As a gift for Eli, Steve created a painting titled Boat in Harbor. On the backside of the canvas Steve wrote “For my Eli — the best son in the world. Always remember to create; it is where our happiness lives.” 
Steve’s philosophies on art and creativity strongly influenced the welcoming atmosphere that he and Peter cultivated at their gallery. Visitors young and old will forever recall Steve painting diligently and cheerfully within as they browsed, and he wouldn’t hesitate to converse with them about the work and his creative journey.
“At the end of my life, I hope people see me as an example of a person who used whatever degree of talent he possessed to help push art along, to help others become creative...understand and honor creativity in all its forms...being creative is good for one’s soul — and for the souls around you.”