Letters to the Editor, March 11

Letter to the Editor

Embers Manager Explains


My name is Scott McMahon. I'm the manager at Ember coal Fire Pizza and Wings. I was working Memorial Day weekend 2020. Hence I know for a fact that the inside bar was closed and the outside bar was strictly used for customers to order takeout. We had arrows that showed customers where to step up to safely do so. The food was rung in and then the customers would wait safely on the patio until the food was ready. No stools were present at the bar and no taps were on or were running. No liquor was present at either bar.

Scott A. McMahon



Where Are All The Republicans? 


I am angry with the recent editorial concerning Donald J. Trump. I usually read the newspaper from cover to cover and find it very interesting. I am a retired school teacher and I will give the article a “C.”

The article I read was all one-sided against President Trump!

I have a background in politics as my father was an alderman is Somerville, Mass., for many years. My husband was a selectman in North Reading and town counsel for eight years. When we moved to Chatham full time 20 years ago, Walter became chairman of the Chatham Republican Council for eight years.

Where are the Republicans in this town? I know many, but apparently not enough!

Joe Biden couldn't wait to get in there as president until he vetoed everything of Trump's. I wish Biden well! He's got what he wants.

Whether you like him or not, Trump did make America “great again.”

Phyllis Coffey Bilowz