Letters to the Editor, Feb. 25

Letters to the editor.

New Answers On Monomoy Theatre


The Monomoy Theatre saga continues. The buyers, summer residents, told the community that they were involved with restoring historical theaters and returning them to use. They proposed year-round activity for the arts.  What it looks like is just another real estate developer trying to maximize his profit.

I think it would have been appropriate for them to have started with a plan for the theater restoration and then figure out what to do with the remaining land. They did the exact opposite. They started with a plan for eight condominiums which was discouraged and are now proposing six single-family houses. They plan to "restore" the historical house and the old theater building. The organization they had hoped would do something with the theater has said no due to the pandemic.

Questions abound. Will there be enough land left to support a theater operation, set and costume storage, set building shop, offices, practice rooms, staff housing, refreshment center, parking, etc.? Why did they not contact Alan Rust, who ran the theater for years, for advice? How are they allowed to build houses on 7,000-square-foot lots when the town minimum is 20,000 square feet? What happens to the historic house? Does it become another private residence?  Does the theater building eventually become another gift shop?

Before the town spends more staff and volunteer time on this project, I think some answers should be sought.

Phil Richardson

Chatham and Tiburon, Calif.