Thomas Kromer Myers

Thomas Kromer Myers, a long-time summer resident of Chatham, passed away January 2, 2021 in Ridgefield, Connecticut.
Tom was born in Pasadena on June 9, 1932, to Norval and Elizabeth Myers, joining big brother David Myers. He spent his first years in California, most notably in Oleum, California, where his father was the local oil refinery manager. In 1941, the family moved to Short Hills, New Jersey, where Tom forged many long-standing friendships. After graduating from Milburn High School in 1950, Tom went on to Dartmouth College. During his time at Dartmouth, Tom’s parents had moved to England for business, and Tom and his brother David took advantage of this situation to explore Europe. 
The most important consequence of these travels was Tom meeting Birgit Enlund in Sweden during the summer of 1952. They were engaged later that summer and married on June 6, 1954, after Tom’s graduation from Dartmouth College, where he was a member of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity and the Sphinx Senior Society.  Later that same year, Tom and Birgit settled in Boston, where Tom was admitted to Harvard Business School (HBS). After a year at HBS, Tom fulfilled his military service, being commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force at McDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, where Tom and Birgit’s first son was born.  
Tom returned to HBS in 1957 to complete his MBA studies, and he and Birgit celebrated the birth of their second son during final exams.  Tom’s first job was with Colgate Palmolive International in New York, and the family lived in Short Hills, New Jersey, where Tom and Birgit’s third son was born in 1959. 
Early in 1960, the family moved to England with Tom as U.K. Product Manager for Colgate Palmolive and moved again in 1962 to Sweden, where they could be closer to Birgit’s family. In 1964, Tom parted ways with Colgate and joined General Foods as product manager for the Jello Division. In the fall of 1964, the family moved to New Canaan, Conn., to a house where Tom and Birgit would reside for the next 56 years.
Tom left General Foods and entered the advertising business with Norman, Craig, and Kummel (NCK) in 1966, where he eventually became president. Son number four arrived in 1967. While in advertising, Tom served on the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) board and contributed to several charitable advertising campaigns, including the African Wildlife Conservation Society and Conservation Officers’ organization.
Tom left advertising in 1979 to take a position as Executive Vice-President at the American Express Credit Card Division, where he worked until 1983. In 1984, he moved from structured office life and became a marketing consultant for a number of corporations, including CEMEX, Visa, the New Canaan Bank & Trust, and the Cape Cod National Golf Course. Tom never officially retired and was still working on marketing plans for an assisted living facility just prior to his death.
Tom was creative and dabbled in drawing and painting, but he was foremost a storyteller like few others. He enjoyed the outdoors, hunted, and fished with some success. He and Birgit enjoyed traveling or just sitting on the Outer Beach in Chatham watching the boats go by.
He is survived by his wife, Birgit, three sons: Thomas Jr., James, and John; five grandchildren, two stepgrandchildren and four step-great-grandchildren.