Mary Anderson To Run For Selectman In Harwich

By: William F. Galvin

Mary Anderson takes out nomination papers at the town clerk’s office on Tuesday for a seat on the board of selectmen. COURTESY PHOTO

HARWICH — A second candidate has taken out nomination papers for the one seat on the board of selectmen on this year's town election ballot. Mary Anderson, who served as the executive director of The Family Pantry of Cape Cod for 11 years, threw her hat in the ring on Tuesday.

Anderson joins Thomas Sherry, who took out nomination papers for the seat more than a week ago. Incumbent Ed McManus said on Tuesday he has yet to make up his mind and is still thinking about a run for re-election. This would be Sherry’s third candidacy for a seat on the board of selectmen.

Anderson, a 16-year resident of the community, cited her close to 40 years in a leadership role working for Verizon and The Family Pantry of Cape Cod as a strong asset.

“I have a lot of skills and my results are driven by not a lot of talk, but a lot of action,” Anderson said.

Among the major issues facing the community, Anderson said the pandemic, keeping residents safe and businesses viable, would be first on her list. Wastewater is certainly a concern and there is a need for a complete evaluation to assure cost-effective decisions are made, she said. There is also a need to take a hard look at the budget, she added, pointing out how in FY19 it passed by a very slim vote, which she said indicates the community wants to address needs and not wants.

Housing needs are also a high priority for Anderson. An observation she took away from her time at The Family Pantry is that while the demand for services are on the increase, the number of children being assisted is declining. Anderson said that is a clear indication that young families cannot afford to live in the community.

Anderson also wants to serve as a voice for women. While women make up more than 50 percent of the population, the board of selectmen currently consists of five men, she said.

Sherry did not response to several phone calls and emails seeking comment on his candidacy.