Our View: Doing Your Part


The elderly man on crutches moved slowly across the Friends’ Marketplace parking lot, pushing a shopping cart of groceries. You would think that, after loading up his car, he would have left the cart for an employee to retrieve. Not this bent-over but purpose-filled citizen, who retraced every difficult step back to the cart corral alongside the store, then back again to his car.

At a time when some may be wondering if there’s anything at all we can do make things even a little better, this man was literally steps ahead of that sort of thinking. Who knows what combination of training, life lessons, empathy, innate decency, and perhaps a touch of cussedness made him take responsibility?

The man could have voted for the incumbent or the challenger in November’s election. He had no way of knowing the politics of whatever person would use that cart next, nor was anyone who saw him able to guess his political preferences.

By the way, the man was wearing a mask. That’s something we all can do to make things a little better.