Letters to the Editor: Jan. 7, 2021

Letters to the editor.

Thankful For Asymptomatic Testing


Thanks to Outer Cape Health Services and Pat Nadle, Julian Cyr , Sarah Peake, and Mass DPH for supporting asymptomatic COVID-19 testing at the OCHS sites. Hopefully, funding will continue past Jan. 10 and a “stop the spread site” can be arranged in the near future. I was lucky to obtain a testing appointment for my husband and myself after an exposure scare which has since been resolved, even though nothing is certain in these already nebulous times. Stay well and wear a mask!

Donna Schleicher
West Chatham


I Guess It’s A Compliment…


A Sunday morning in January. I’m sitting in a comfy chair in the living room in Harwich. It’s eerily quiet, save for a couple of teenagers on mini-bikes passing by. It’s overcast, and my stomach is rumbling for some kind of breakfast.

From the street that I’d thought was entirely deserted, I hear a quiet thump-thump, like a distant car hitting a speed bump. A few seconds later, I hear it again. There aren’t any speed bumps on our street, though. I sit back and absorb the silence of the room. Again, thump-thump. Then a few seconds, then thump-thump again.

What’s going on?  I stand up and look out the front window. In the driveway, standing next to my black car, is an enormous wild turkey. He sees his reflection in the driver’s side door. Thump-thump, he pecks. “Hey!” I say aloud to myself. For a moment I feel as though I am watching that insurance commercial in which the emu is pecking at his own reflection on a storefront window.

I walk out the front door in my stocking feet to go confront the perp. He is unbothered by my presence, and continues to joust with his own reflection. “Hey!” I say in a high voice as I would to a small child or a familiar dog, “What are you doing?” I gently approach, and walk him around behind my car. Around the other side is a second male turkey, just as big, between my car and my girfriend’s car. They are intimidatingly large animals. Two I can handle, but I hope I don’t discover any more right here. I gently corral the two around the side of the house. They head for the back yard, where I discover nine other turkeys pecking and standing and socializing turkey style.

I go back and look at the peck marks on my car door – small scrappy streaks that will likely disappear with a wash cloth. I don’t consider myself a neatnik in terms of car care, but the shine was apparently enough to fool a turkey. I should take it as a compliment to my car upkeep skills. But if I could choose, I’d rather have them peck at something else.

Bob Percy


Best First Night Ever


I am writing to express my deep appreciation and kudos to everyone responsible for putting together this year's "First Night Chatham on Ice" celebration!

I am especially impressed with and appreciative for the entertainment videos that were put together and made available to all via the internet and to those living on Cape Cod through local cable TV!

Both the “Kids of All Ages" and "Compilation of 16 Music Performances" videos were extremely entertaining and showcased the high level of talent that First Night Chatham brings to us as we celebrate New Year's Eve each year.  My wife and I watched both videos and were able to record them from Channel 99 to be able to enjoy many times over throughout the year!

I shared the link to this year's First Night with dozens of family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances throughout the country, as far out as Florida and California, and posted it on my Facebook page. I am so happy that I did! Some of the feedback that I have received is that the videos provided better entertainment than anything that was being broadcast on network TV on New Year's Eve! As a musician and entertainer, I truly enjoyed the videos. The high level of musical talent, the terrific editing of the videos, and the wide variety of musical genres represented on program made for a very “first class" entertainment experience that will be replayed many times over in our home in the weeks and months ahead!

One huge silver lining to the pandemic forcing First Night Chatham to go virtual was that it provided an opportunity for many people to "attend" who would not otherwise be able to due to travel distance or because of illness or infirmity. I am certain that quite a number of people were able to experience First Night Chatham this year who have never been able to before.
For those like myself and my family, who have attended First Night Chatham on a regular basis over the years, the videos provided the opportunity to take in the performances of a number of groups whom I have wanted to see in previous years, but was unable to due to scheduling conflicts with others acts whose performances I attended. The entire First Night Chatham Committee should feel extremely proud of the way they adjusted and provided such a high-level experience of this year's event under the most challenging of conditions!

Kudos and deep appreciation to the First Night Chatham Committee for all of their hard work that provided so many of us on Cape Cod (and well beyond!) So much uplifting entertainment to raise our spirits in celebrating new year's eve this year, when we needed spirit building more than ever! Terrific job, everyone!

Charles Gruszka