Squire, Goose And Other Restaurants Close For Winter

By: Cape Cod Chronicle

Chatham Squire. FILE PHOTO 

CHATHAM – Two of the town's largest restaurants will be closing for the winter due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chatham Squire and Wild Goose Tavern will close at least through mid March. Knott's Landing will also close later this month.

Usually, restaurants with year-round liquor licenses are required to seek permission from the board of selectmen to close for more than a few days. In the past, selectmen have granted permission for a number of establishments with year-round licenses to close for a few weeks to a month in the winter for maintenance and cleaning.

However, in April, during the initial COVID-19 surge, the board voted to waive advance written notice of closures by licensed establishments until local, state and federal emergency declarations are lifted. Those declarations remain in place.

According to Shanna Nealy, the executive secretary in the town manager's office who handles liquor licenses, Knott's Landing will be closing later this month through March 15. The Wild Goose Tavern at the Wayside Inn closed after New Year's Day and expects to reopen in mid March.

The Squire closed as of Monday. Nealy said the establishment did not provide a reopening date. A posting on the restaurant's Instagram page attributes the closure to rising case counts, increasing regulations and an “abundance of caution.”

“We have decided to hibernate this winter until the vaccine has taken hold and we are free to be,” the post reads.

Some restaurants plan to remain open through the winter, however.

The Red Nun will “stick it out as long as we can,” said owner Mike Giorgio. “Being small has sometimes been a burden, but in this climate it actually works to our advantage,” he wrote in an email.

Talkative Pig will be available for take-out through the winter. The Filling Station will remain open weekends. Hangar B Eatery will be open at least three days a week through the winter, according to owner Tracy Shields. Kreme and Kone planned to reopen for take-out today (Jan. 7), according to its Facebook page. Bluefin's will be open through the winter, but will close for a few weeks beginning the last week in February, according to owner Andy Baler. Del Mar is open Tuesday through Saturday during the winter, though Tuesday is take-out only. Mom and Pops and Larry's PX will remain open through the winter. Pate's has a seasonal liquor license and must close by Jan. 15.