Letters to the Editor, Oct. 22

Letters to the editor.

Time With Sharks Well Spent 


A big Shark thank you to Detective Brackett of the Harwich Police Department! Detective Brackett was kind enough to have a Zoom meeting with me that also included students in my seminar classes at Monomoy High School.  He answered students' questions about policing, about the problems our country has seen this year in policing, and about our local police departments' relationships with communities of color, with our youth, and with everyone in general.  He gave my seminar almost an hour of his time, and we so appreciate his thoughtful answers, his patience, and his kindness.

Lisa Forte-Doyle

Monomoy High School


Opposes Ranked Choice Voting


I could not agree with Karen Boujoukos' letter to the editor last week on this subject, i.e. “voting system should be easy to use, administer and understand...” That is why I am voting against question 2 (ranked choice voting). If ever there was a more confusing question, this one is it. If you cast your vote for a candidate who is ultimately eliminated, then your vote doesn't count at all. Talk about disenfranchisement! Read the information leaflet sent out by the Secretary of State's office and tell me if you understand the text.

Richard Bolduc

West Harwich


Sign Thieves Watch Out


I'm tired of biting my tongue on this matter of signs being stolen here in Orleans.  Back in July I had 25 "BYeDON" signs printed up, and later put several out around town in locations where I had secured the permission of the property owners to place them.

Gail Meyers Lavin and I have worked together for well over a decade putting select board candidates' signs out around town prior to election day.  We have a very strict policy to first get owners' permission to put a sign on their property, tell them that they won't go up until 30 days before the election, and that they will come down on election eve before the polls close. There is one exception — the guard rail backing up to the marsh near the Eastham rotary. Over the years we have always had some signs stolen, but we always had extras to replace them, and the number of thefts was minimal.

With the "BYeDON" signs, 15 of the 25 have already disappeared, and in some locations I have replaced them several times.  The police have been alerted and are keeping an eye out for the individuals responsible. We now have hidden some motion-activated wildlife cameras at some locations just waiting to catch the culprit on film. So smile pretty — you're on film.

Len Short



Supports Orleans Article 37


Since Massachusetts legalized marijuana, I have been following the debate in Orleans regarding the permitting of marijuana establishments in Orleans. Article 37 — amending the zoning bylaw re: marijuana establishments — on the upcoming warrant for the Orleans Town Meeting strikes a reasonable compromise that accomplishes a number of positive outcomes:
- Creates new, good paying jobs in Orleans;
- Provides new, significant revenues that can fund important, needed services for the town;
- Provides Orleans residents with the convenience of obtaining medical and recreational marijuana in a safe and responsible way;
- Prohibits the sale of marijuana in the village center district;
- Limits the number of possible retail outlets to two.
To continue to prohibit the establishment of retail marijuana in Orleans harkens back to a Puritanical era in Massachusetts that no longer exists. The many citizens of Orleans who benefit from marijuana deserve to have the option to purchase it legally in Orleans. I urge the voters of Orleans to support article 37.

Steve Gass


Two County Commission Slots Open


There are two open Barnstable County Commission seats this election and it is crucial that Ron Beaty does not get re-elected to fill one of them. Beaty has shown in his role as a commissioner he is there only to serve himself, not his community. The attention he has garnered is a complete waste of taxpayers’ time and money. I certainly do not want to pay his annual salary for another four years. That is why it is very important to vote for two candidates this election, as the top vote-getters will win the two available commission seats. I am wholeheartedly voting for Mark Forest and Sheila Lyons. They both have years of experience serving local government and truly care about Cape Cod and its people. Unlike Beaty, Forest and Lyons will quietly get the job done and not make a spectacle of it. We need their level of care and maturity.

Marianne Miller

South Dennis


Benefits Of Small Town Life


I want to thank the lady who found my pocketbook and turned it into Ocean State Job Lot in Chatham and Ocean State for keeping it secure, Nice to live in a place where those things still happen.

Linda B. Devonshire