Letters to the Editor, Oct. 15

Letters to the editor.

Support Ranked Choice Voting


I would like to offer an opposing view to Mr. Beaty's somewhat conspiratorial theory opinions about the ranked voting option on the ballot as Question 2. The League of Women Voters, a non-partisan, non-profit organization with a long history of deep research and dispassionate review of voting rights, supports ranked voting. When they did their research the criteria they used in determining a voting system to support was the following: "Voting systems should be easy to use, administer and understand, encourage high voter turnout, encourage real discussion on issues, promote minority representation, and encourage candidates to run.” That sounds to me like a system we should all support and that is based on research and consensus rather than one man's opinion. If anyone would like more detailed information about the LWV's support for Question 2, I encourage you to check out their website, www.LWVMA.org.

Karen Boujoukos



Time To Vote Them Out


This is a thank-you note to a Trump Voter I met at a cocktail party.

Thank you for motivating me to do something about voters like you. For the past three years, 66 percent of the voters in this country have been silent while you have been spewing hatred and insults at the rest of us. Donald is only a manifestation of your own corrupt and immoral values. That is why you voted for him in the first place. A few days ago, Donald told his white supremacist supporters to “stand down and stand by.” I say to the rest of this country it is time for us to stand up to Donald and his supporters. The only weapon we have left to combat this evil man is to vote his supporters out. There are more of us, 67 percent of the country, than there are of them, 33 percent of the country.

That means we all must vote, in person, on Nov. 3 so that Donald is deprived of an excuse to try and invalidate the election. Voting by mail only gives him and his supporters another excuse. Put on your mask and walk, drive, crawl to the nearest place to vote them out. Don’t be intimidated by the Donald poll watchers. We should all volunteer to be poll watchers as well so we can monitor the Donald supporters’ aggressive behavior.

Barbara A. Green



Thanks For The New Path 


My daughter, Leslie Schneeberger, and I discovered the new path in Chase Park on Sunday. It is wonderful. Having wheelchair access to the mill and labyrinth made our walk/roll a delightful experience. While recovering from Guillain-Barre syndrome, I have become acutely aware of the need for this type of access for those with disabilities. A huge thank you to the town of Chatham and all responsible for the new path.

Fran Johnston



Sign Theft Won't Silence Vote


To those who stole our Biden sign off our yard this week: You can steal our signs but you can’t steal our votes or silence our voices. Welcome to democracy in the USA!

Sean Mulholland



No Need For Roadway Project


Yesterday they started construction on one of the two roundabouts in West Chatham. As we drove by we wondered again how selectmen could ever have thought this was a good idea. There is no need for any roundabout in this area, let alone two within a block of each other. All that was needed was a traffic light for the summer at the corner of Route 28 and Barn Hill Road which could be de-activated during the quieter off-season. Now we have to deal with this disruption for months.

This area of Chatham will never be a shopping or visitor destination and even many of the business owners in this area repeatedly voiced their opinion that it was a total waste of time and money spent for no sensible reason. Imagine if the amount of money Chatham is contributing to this project was allocated to finding affordable housing for our citizens who live and work here and cannot afford million dollar mansions.

The worst part is that Chatham has a town meeting form of government and the citizens voted down this project by a good margin. But the town fathers overrode their wishes and proceeded the way they wanted to. Another example of poor government in Chatham and a slap in the face for democracy.

Roger and Gerry Di Gesu

West Chatham


What Might Have Been


Why did someone in the town government decide, after 70 years in operation, to inspect the dormitory buildings at the Monomoy Theater forcing the closure of the theater, thus making it necessary for the long time owner to sell the property?

Why did no local party in our wealthy town step up to buy the property and save one of the town's most significant institutions?

Why did the buyer tell us that the theater would be restored?

Why did the town in the same time period buy an old garage and leave us an ugly parking lot?

Why couldn't the town now sell the parking lot for a significant use and buy the theater?

Why couldn't someone form a new nonprofit, similar to that for the Orpheum Theater, restore the Monomoy and get Alan Rust to come back and give us great theater again?

Phil Richardson

Chatham and Tiburon, Calif.


Trust The Journal


The New England Journal of Medicine, since 1812, has never been involved with any political candidates.  However, this year it felt it had to say something: oust the present administration. Can anyone be surprised?  This “leader” of our country seems to think he knows more than health care professionals, contradicting and stifling them.  Not only that, by his machismo acts, he is endangering others.

We must vote this man out!

Juliet R. Bernstein



Repurpose Elementary School


For the second time this year I am reading of the declining school population. The Chatham Elementary School seems likely to become an empty building. What will become of this space? I brought it up before but heard nothing from town officials. Perfect place for a senior center? All the facilities are already in place. Single story, cafeteria, next to the fire house and we won’t have to remove a piece of property from the tax base. The cost to convert would be millions less than to build a new center that really doesn’t work that well.
Thank goodness the town meeting was canceled. I am calling on our town officials to look into this option before we spend millions on another facility. If the town continues to push the center ahead and then in a couple of years or less have an empty school I will be terribly upset. I should think that a lot of folks would be upset also and call for the resignation of the entire board and town manager.

John Huether



Vote For Forest And Lyons


County government has a lot of potential to aid the residents of Cape Cod. Today it’s time for a change in leadership of county commissioners.  Mark Forest and Sheila Lyons are a breath of fresh air Barnstable County government needs in 2020. 

I have followed Mark Forest’s career over the years and I have always been impressed by how he has served our communities on the Cape.  When he worked in the Provincetown town manager’s office, he skillfully guided planning and secured funding for the redevelopment of MacMillan Pier.  He secured funding for groundwater protection and much of the town’s water system. With Congressman Studds, he was one of the founders of the Community Development Partnership, a non-profit engaged in creating affordable housing and economic development assistance to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

As chairman of the Cape Cod Conservation District he helped revitalize coastal wetlands construct new fish ladders in many Cape towns. Most recently as a Yarmouth selectman, Mark has continued to demonstrate his commitment to the residents of Cape Cod.

With Mark Forest and Sheila Lyons on the board of county commissioners, Cape Cod will be ready for what 2021 and the next four years bring.

Paula Perrone

South Yarmouth 

Supports Lyon And Forest


I am writing in strong support of Mark Forest and Sheila Lyons for Barnstable County Commissioner. Mark Forest teaches government at Cape Cod Community College and is running a graduate program in public administration for Suffolk University. He served as chairman of the board at Housing Assistance Corporation. He has extensive experience in government, having served as town manager in Provincetown, having worked for two former Congressmen, was interim town manager in Brewster and currently serves as selectman in Yarmouth.

Sheila Lyons has served two terms as county commissioner (2008-2016) and knows how to get things done. she also served as Wellfleet's delegate to the assembly of delegates. She currently works for Outer Cape Health Services as a health care specialist.

Both Mark and Shelia are well versed in the issues facing Cape Cod and have outstanding records of public service. Mark and Sheila are keeping their focus on priority issues such as the environment, climate change, health systems, homelessness and addiction. In these uncertain times, with local budgets being stretched thin, we need strong, experienced leadership. 

Dorothy Smith