Orleans Teacher Imparts Life Lessons In New Memoir

By: Debra Lawless


e end of her memoir.

Every now and then, Farber has a student “in whom I saw my younger self, either with their work ethic, their love for school, or their home situations. They are the reason that I wrote the book and why I wanted to share my story.” She wants to give all kids hope for their future.

“More than anything, I just wanted to share my story so that kids know that they are not alone,” Farber says. “In a world where people seem further apart, I want to bring people together by sharing our stories and what lies in our hearts.” She tells students that they need to find their passion, as that may be their bridge to the future.

Farber is also the author of a novel, “Off the Grid.” Both books are intended for grades four through seven.

“Normal Rebel” is available in Orleans at Snow Library, Weekend and The Farm.