Letters To The Editor: Oct. 8, 2020

Letters to the editor.

Candidate Knows The Cape


Whether you are voting by mail, early or in person on Nov. 3, please get out and vote. We are fortunate to live in a country where we have the right to vote and locally, to have a regional coordinating body in the Barnstable County Commissioners. Please join me in voting for Mark Forest for county commissioner. I had the pleasure of working with Mark for a year as he served in the capacity of interim town administrator in Brewster. During his time with us, he demonstrated a deep knowledge of the challenges that Cape towns and residents face, an understanding of governmental finances and the capacity to partner with many different types of stakeholders. His collaboration with state and local officials helped us achieve goals and coordinate resources. 

Mark understands the unique challenges facing our region and the importance of integration between economic development, housing, wastewater and preserving the charm and character of the Cape. 

Mark Forest will work hard for all the residents of Barnstable County and collaborate with everyone, regardless of political party, to advocate for our collective good.

Donna Kalinick

Commission Choice Is Clear


Please join me and vote for Mark Forest and Sheila Lyons for the Barnstable County Commission. The commission works on regional items involving the environment, economy and infrastructure of Cape Cod. Both Mark and Sheila have successful experience on these issues. They both support environmental protections, have secured resources for health care, clean water, and broadband internet expansion. 

On regional issues I have always been proud of the Cape delegation in that they work well together regardless of party affiliation. The job of county commissioners is also one requiring collaboration. Mark Forrest and Sheila Lyons know how to work together for the common good.

The current commissioner, Ron Beaty, has done nothing in his term but make insulting remarks about many of his constituents including esteemed Cape leaders. Beaty is also a convicted felon and spent 16 months in federal prison for threatening to kill President Bush and Senator Edward Kennedy.  The other person on the ballot, Abraham Kasparian, spent 14 years in prison after being found guilty of attempting to murder his wife.

To me, the choice could not be more simple. Do I want Mark Forrest and Sheila Lyons who have spent their entire careers doing things to benefit Cape Cod residents or do I want two people who clearly have anger management issues representing me?

Mary Anderson


Couriers Deserve Recognition


Many of us early learned the adage “neither rain nor snow nor dark of night can stay this courier from his appointed task.” From the time of the first settlers to modern refinements, mail has been a treasured possession. Sailing ships and horse-drawn wagons gave way to railways shortly after the Civil War ended in the 1860s. Townspeople now had access to scheduled arrivals of the mail.

What was missing? A post office was a rarity. Postmasters were appointed, often because they owned their own stores. Old photographs demonstrate the excitement of many a person waiting for the mail sack to arrive – a highlight and treasured access to personal letters. Home delivery was only a dream. In contrast, today the “mailman” as medium is taken for granted. Mail boxes line our roads.

This dependency on the mail was shaken by Washington's recent decision to cut back on customer service to save money. Cases are reported of inordinate delays in receiving medications or pension checks. Pickup of outgoing mail by the postal service is endangered, as demonstrated by the tiny red flags on individual mail boxes the morning after placement. Residents resent repeated visits to their empty boxes, and some are especially worried about the due check failing to reach its destination as scheduled.

Inevitably we might debate postal inefficiency. There are instances, though, when we should be praising the employees who have endured exhausting hours – many not reimbursed. Does the devoted courier of the verse still exist? Meet Patricia Currey. This letter is to thank her, and her co-workers, who share her devotion to public needs.

Joan Maloney


Sign-stealers At It Again


I don’t expect the perpetrator to see this as I am sure “it” flunked reading in the third grade. But everyone else should know that those pitiful people who drive around in the middle of the night and steal political signs off private property are at it again. Just as in 2016, my signs, for Biden-Harris this year, disappeared over the past few nights. This shouldn’t be surprising as this kind of cheating is inspired by the actions and foul-mouthed rants of the current occupant of the White House every day. Early in this administration I tried to keep an open mind and tried to understand his supporters’ point of view. No more! I gave up a long time ago. There are more supporters of decency, fair play and honest democratic principles than supporters of the national disgrace. If all of us good guys vote we can get our country back and let those pitiful sign stealers get some sleep!

If this offends Trump supporters, so be it!

Dan Brown
North Chatham


Future Of Democracy At Stake


This presidential election has many important issues. Some of which are:

• The future of health care.
• The future of the Supreme Court
• The future of equal application of justice.

There is one overwhelming issue:  The future of democracy in the United States.

Richard Stenberg


Early Rollout For Holiday Drive


It’s that time of year! Harwich Children’s Fund is rolling out its Annual Winter Outerwear and Holiday Gift Drive. Every year, we help Harwich families who need winter coats and accessories, as well as gifts and gift cards for the holidays. Because of COVID-19, we are shopping safely and asking our community for donations in the form of gift cards and checks. Also, because of COVID-19, we are starting the process early as we anticipate higher than usual requests this coming season.

We are connecting families to resources in the community and welcome any information on resources folks want to share. To donate by gift card or check, please send either to Harwich Children’s Fund, P.O. Box 55, Harwich, MA 02654, Attention: HCF Holiday Elves, or call Sheila House at Harwich Youth Services at 508-430-7836.

Angelina Raneo Chilaka, Chair
Ann Marie Dooley, Vice Chair
Sheila House, Secretary
Harwich Children’s Fund