Work Resumes On West Chatham Roadway Project

By: Alan Pollock

Cars pass through the West Chatham construction zone. FILE PHOTO

CHATHAM With peak summer visitor season in the rearview mirror, utility crews have returned to Route 28 in West Chatham to resume work on the roadway reconstruction project.

Public Works Director Tom Temple told selectmen Tuesday that National Grid resumed work on Sept. 8 and aims to restore natural gas connections to 11 properties in the area by the end of the month. Verizon expects to complete its work by Oct. 26.

Temple said the general contractor, Lawrence Lynch Corp., anticipates resuming work at the site on Sept. 28 to finish work on storm drains. After that, the contractor will start the most visible part of the job, the installation of new curbs that will define the narrower, reconstructed roadway and roundabouts at George Ryder Road and Barn Hill Road.

Lawrence Lynch crews plan to have the first course of pavement installed by the onset of winter weather, Temple said. They will then return next spring to lay the top course of pavement, to install pavement markings and landscaping.

Temple said while state highway officials did not authorize changes to the project’s landscaping or “hardscape” elements requested by a town working group, he hopes they will still consider allowing electrical controls that give the town the ability to reduce the amount of light from streetlights near the roundabouts.

Updates to the West Chatham Roadway Project will be posted on the town’s website.