Chatham Water Watchers Complete 21st Season

By: Tim Wood

Bob Wilson, Joe Meeks and Joe Roller set out to gather samples in Ryder's Cove.


CHATHAM – Friends of Chatham Waterways (FCW) Water Watchers recently completed

their 21st season of collecting water samples and data for Chatham's Coastal Water Nutrient Monitoring Program.

From 15 sampling stations in Chatham, 42 volunteers used refractometers to measure water salinity, Secchi disks to measure water depth, dissolved oxygen meters to record water temperature and dissolved oxygen levels, and Niskins to collect water samples for nutrient and chlorophyll content. The data and water samples will be analyzed by the University of Massachusetts School of Marine Science and Technology in Dartmouth.

The Coastal Water Nutrient Monitoring Program continues to provide critical background data on general water quality, conditions and trends in nitrogen loading. This year's results, along with past data, will help determine the health of the town's estuaries and track changes as Chatham implements its waste water management plan.

FCW thanked the following Chatham Water Watchers who set out five times this summer to monitor the town's estuaries and embayments.  Stage Harbor estuaries:  Betsy Mosser, Janet Fields, Douglas Fields, Jay Stahl, Larry Capodilupo, Bill Horrocks, Cameron Koblish, John Trimble, Bill Hayes, Kelsey Shakin,  Susan Weinz, 

Jeff Mason, Maureen Vokey, Sandy Giorgetti, Sarah Wilsterman,  and Alex Wilsterman; South Coastal embayments:  Frank Messina, Peter Barry, Don Phinney, Juris Ukstins, Sherrie Burson, Dick Hosmer, John Garry, Dave Holden and Roger Donald; Pleasant Bay: Bob Samuelson, Carolyn Parker, Dick Hoyt, Joe Roller, Joe Meeks Bob Wilson, Tom Parker, Lisa Cody, Paul Cody, Michael Reilly, Elizabeth Reilly, Carole Ridley, Scott Ridley, Natalie Coleman Fuller, Bill Coleman, Dick Ingwall, and Joanne Ingwall.

The Coastal Water Nutrient Monitoring Program is organized and supervised by Dr. Robert Duncanson, Chatham's director of health and natural resources.

To become a volunteer water watcher for 2021, contact one of the following area coordinators: Betsy Mosser ( for Stage Harbor estuaries, Frank Messina ( for the South Coastal embayments, or Bob Samuelson ( for Pleasant Bay.