Letters to the Editor: July 30, 2020

Letters to the editor.

Facebook Page Opens Eyes


A few weeks ago, I joined the Facebook page America Backs the Blue. I didn’t know what it would be like, but every day there are incredible postings of positive things: families proud that their relatives are joining the force, photos of African American children hugging a member of the force, brave K-9 partners, the list goes on and on.

A long time ago I saw a Peanuts cartoon with little Sally saying when she heard an ambulance or fire engine or police car she knew that someone was getting help. (Not a thought about something bad has happened). I have always remembered that. So, I posted something to the group, all of which is true and sincere. I got almost 500 “likes” and comments. I thought I should share it with your readers. Here is what I said: 

"It’s a funny thing...after being in this group, seeing all these posts, I have become someone different than who I was. I always kept my head down driving past a police car on duty, wondering if I was doing anything wrong. Now I am saluting at fire trucks and ambulances on their way to help, and police cars too. Getting misty eyed seeing them trying to help everyone, never knowing what they might encounter. This is a new perspective for me. I am a new person. Thank every one of you. God bless you all.”  

Maybe some of you would like to check out their FB page. We need the police...they should never be defunded.

Anne Stewart
Pleasant Lake


Product Endangers Environment


Kudos to Mary Richmond for bringing up the issue of how dangerous Roundup is to the environment. Roundup is banned in some European countries. It is time we wake up. The town of Orleans is in the process of banning it (town use). Please do the right thing.

Carolyn Witt


Shop And Staff Will Be Missed


Thanks you for the recent article on the closing of St. Christopher's Church gift and consignment shop.

I would like to add my sincere thanks to the many faithful volunteers and consignors. During my tenure as rector, it was always a joy (for 20 years) to stop in daily for a quick hello. It was frequently the shop that allowed us to make our yearly parish budget.

In those days the shop was directed by Elsa McDonald and Helen Sisley and a host of workers: Lilian Bloomer, Dick Banian, Mildred Gates, Joan Bagnell, Peg Kendard, Eileen Moore, and Eleanor Andrews, to name a few. Well done, good and faithful servants!

Rev. Whitney Burr


Hats Off To Liberty Commons 


Key timely management decisions do make a difference. Bill Bogdanovich’s preparedness is/was heroic in the COVID-19 backdrop. 

Neal Miller


Bench May Be Spreading Virus


I have a big concern. Chatham needs to take the bench in front of the Chatham Squire away for the time being. That is not being disinfected and it's a breeding ground for COVID-19. All park benches and public benches, etc. have to go by the CDC guidelines. I'm a custodian who has to go by the CDC rules. On that bench at times you'll see at least eight people. For the most part, people are wearing masks, but no gloves. So it's being touched all day long, day after day. Ask any custodian and they will tell you that's a spreader for COVID-19. I've contacted the Squire and the Chatham Board of Health with no feedback.

Rebecca Catron


Work To Eliminate Nuclear Threat


As the world contends with a pandemic already claiming the lives of thousands of victims and infecting millions, it is crucial not to overlook an even more existential threat to the health and the lives of people throughout the world. That is the hazard of nuclear weapons. The coming weeks mark the 75th anniversary of the atomic attacks on Hiroshima (Aug. 6) and Nagasaki (Aug. 9). Since Pope St. John XXIII’s 1963 encyclical Peace on Earth (Pacem in Terris), the groundbreaking 1983 U.S. Catholic Bishop’s Pastoral Letter on War and Peace, The Challenge of Peace, down to Pope Francis’ address during his August 2019 visit to Nagasaki, popes, the Holy See and bishops throughout the world have called for an end to nuclear arms. Catholic teaching holds the peril of atomic weapons as a respect for life issue. It is one that all persons of goodwill, regardless of their religious background, need to work to eliminate. As we observe the coming bombing anniversaries, we need to refocus energy on efforts to end nuclear weapons and their risk to world health.

As the November elections approach, our focus on the election of national leaders who will take the work of disarmament seriously is necessary. Our country must reclaim its leadership among the community of nations working to overcome the threat of nuclear annihilation and bring about the elimination of these weapons. A critical focus for our political leaders needs to be the renewal of the New START Treaty set to expire in February 2021 or its replacement with an agreement that limits warheads even more stringently. 

More information on Catholic teachings on nuclear disarmament and issues of peace is found www.usccb.org/nuclear.

Rev. John Sullivan


A Happily Repurposed Cupola


We are so thankful to Robert B. Our Co. for moving our beloved cupola to its new home at The Chatham Elementary School. Robert B. Our Co. is a true community advocate and participant. Abby Our Rose quickly jumped at the opportunity to help with this project. Cape Associates was also so very eager to help design and build our new playhouse and shade structure at some point in the near future. Cape Associates is a leader in community development and outreach. Together we will work to turn the cupola into a playhouse and shade structure for the new Chatham Elementary School Playground. It is so important for children to see situations that are challenging, like having to remove our cupola from our building, be turned into opportunities that will promote joy and happiness. Dr. Robin Millen, principal of Chatham Elementary School, has been so warm and welcoming to this idea. Chatham Works is very proud to be a local business in this strong community.

Lindsay Bierwirth, co-owner
Chatham Works