Police Nab Alleged Fugitive Hiding In Harwich

By: Staff Reports

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HARWICH Police say a man wanted for murder in Bridgeport, Conn., was hiding out in a home in the Headwaters neighborhood before he was apprehended last Thursday.

The man was identified as 25-year-old Jefton Brown, who is charged in connection with the killing of a man whose body was found in East Lyme, Conn., on June 2. Deputy U.S. Marshal Neil Sullivan said Brown has ties to Harwich and was under surveillance shortly before his arrest. Brown had been present at a house on Azalea Drive, according to local officials, and was being watched by members of a joint task force involving the U.S. Marshal’s Office the Massachusetts State Police and the Harwich Police Department.

It was not immediately clear how long Brown had allegedly been hiding out in the house at 133 Azalea Dr., according to Harwich Det. Sgt. Robert Brackett. The house is in a residential neighborhood with many senior citizens, close to a nursing home.

“It was only a matter of days that we knew he was there,” Brackett said.

Police used “surveillance and other investigative means” to confirm that Brown was in the house, he added. Harwich police and firefighters are familiar with the address. “We have been to that residence in the past,” Brackett said. Police would not detail Brown’s connection with the Harwich property.

A man matching Brown’s description unexpectedly left the premises on Thursday and was followed by police. When investigators were able to confirm Brown’s identity, they were ready to make an arrest.

“They were looking for the perfect time to take him into custody safely,” Sullivan said. When the vehicle stopped at the Dunkin’ Donuts on the Bourne Scenic Highway, that opportunity came.

“He was captured without incident,” Sullivan said. The arrest was made by the Massachusetts State Police Violent Felony Apprehension Section, uniformed state troopers and the Harwich Police Department.

Brown was charged by the Massachusetts State Police with being a fugitive from justice, and was arraigned Friday in Falmouth District Court. He will eventually be extradited to Connecticut to face charges there, “which can be a short process or a lengthy process,” Sullivan added.