Letters to the Editor: July 2, 2020

Letters to the editor.

U.S. History Good But Imperfect Story


The original protests over George Floyd’s death have been appropriated and co-opted by various political groups. The tie that binds is a commitment to mob chaos and violence as either a paid or recreational enterprise. Their common goal seems to be to tear down every symbol of our American history, including statues, public buildings, and businesses, on the premise that American history has been shaped only by white male oppressors, and the only answer is total destruction and a clean slate. Violent destruction of cultural heritage is common to past revolutionary events, such as the Marxist Russian Revolution, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, and Nazi Germany. 

Vandalism by young people suggests to me that they do not have much knowledge of American history. It is not a perfect history, but it is a history that, since its founding, has revolutionized and inspired democracies across the globe, enshrined individual and property rights, rule of law, and bottom-up, rather than top-down government, dictated by kings. 

What recent generations are either being un-taught or mis-taught in high schools, colleges, and universities, for the last 50 years in their history and civics courses (where that topic even exists any more), has produced the anarchy that is now taking place. Parents need take a hands-on approach to ensuring that their children’s education about American history and workings of government is honestly taught — the overwhelmingly good story as well as the imperfect. 

John Hausner


Focus To Stay On Town Issues


Thanks to all those who voted to give me the honor of serving as the newest member of the Orleans Select Board. 

I am thrilled to be part of the team that will guide us through the ongoing challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presents to our health, safety, and economy. I look forward to working with the select board to find opportunities to build a stronger, more resilient Orleans.

I am determined to keep an overarching perspective of town issues — to listen to and be respectful of multiple perspectives, and to stay focused on policy while working on the details to achieve strong outcomes and drive projects to successful completion.

Thank you again for your vote of confidence. 

Andrea Reed


Garden Tour Cancellation Difficult


Orleans Improvement Association was all set to provide a lovely Garden Tour for the gardeners of Cape Cod on Saturday, June 27. Six beautiful and varied gardens were lined up and volunteers were ready to provide assistance with parking and information. Then along came the coronavirus and everything changed!

Because the tour involves upwards of 100 volunteers and proximity to others, the decision was made to postpone the tour until 2021. We are disappointed but are looking forward to returning when everyone can safely enjoy the gardens.

OIA is a volunteer organization which undertakes projects to enhance the beauty and quality of life in Orleans. We have raised and donated over $350,000 to projects including the picnic tables at Nauset Beach, downtown planters, landscaping of Teresa's Way, equipment at the Eldredge Parkway playground and much more. Local businesses have always been generous supporters of the Garden Tour. This year we anticipated that their focus needed to be on reopening successfully in these challenging times. As OIA's primary fundraiser the Garden Tour helps the community and draws garden lovers from all over, who make a day of their visit to Orleans. This was a difficult decision but one we felt was most responsible for all involved.

We want to thank the sponsors, volunteers and faithful attendees. We especially wish to thank the generous garden owners who have agreed to stay on for next year's tour. We look forward to a time when we can safely enjoy your gardens. As an incentive, and to whet the appetite for next year's tour, pictures of the gardens will be appearing on our website, orleansimprovement.org. A foretaste of what is ahead next June, fingers crossed.

Dianne Fromm
East Orleans


Groups Want To Overthrow Government


Witnessing the horrendous death of George Floyd brought the country together...briefly. We all felt the anger and sorrow of seeing an American die under such circumstances. It is understandable to want to show support for the black community. Some have done this by placing BLM signs in their yards. Our country is in a fight for its life and I wonder if these well-meaning people really understand who and what they are supporting.

BLM and Antifa, both militant Marxists groups, are working together for the overthrow of governments, ours included. A BLM sign just doesn't show support for blacks, it shows support for the goals of Antifa and BLM as they continue to terrorize our cities. A BLM sign tells many that you too, are supporting the demise of our country. Just listen to what BLM and Antifa say and watch what they do and where they do it.

Anne Broderick

Editor's note: Both Black Lives Matter and Antifa are decentralized movements with no hierarchical structure. There is no evidence they are working together to overthrow the country.