Gym Gets Cease And Desist Order

By: Alan Pollock

Topics: COVID-19

The husband-and-wife team of Jessica and Cory Clark at the Chatham Bodystrong. ALAN POLLOCK PHOTO

SOUTH CHATHAM — Having ignored daily fines levied by the town, the owners of BodyStrong Fitness were served with an immediate cease and desist order Monday afternoon for opening despite the governor’s order to remain closed during the pandemic emergency.

Delivering the order is “the last step of the procedures that the state has laid out for enforcement,” Health Agent Judith Giorgio told the health board Monday. “The next step is some type of court action.” The health department is consulting with town counsel about whether the state Department of Public Health or Gov. Charlie Baker would join the town as complainants in the case, given that the business closure order came from the state.

Counsel will also be consulting with the town attorney in Oxford, Mass., where the first gymnasium in the state opened in defiance of the governor’s order.

The owners of BodyStrong argue that the closure is unfair and doesn’t take into account the safety measures they’ve put in place to reduce the chance of virus transmission.

“Stay tuned,” Health and Natural Resources Director Robert Duncanson told the health board. “There’s definitely more to come on this.”