Letters To The Editor: May 28, 2020

Letters to the editor.

Impressed With Reed


On June 23 I will vote for Andrea Reed for the Orleans select board. I ask that you join me in placing an extremely qualified and talented woman on the board to work for the future of Orleans, and the benefit of all of its citizens.

I feel confident in this recommendation especially because I know that Andrea can be trusted always to act in the public good. She has the integrity and respect for others that is essential in one seeking public office.  She works harder than almost anybody I know, and I have no doubt that she will devote herself to making the best possible decisions on the issues critical to creating a thriving future for the town of Orleans.

Andrea and I met almost 20 years when I was the executive director of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, and she was working with the Academy of Performing Arts School. We worked together on a number of programs and initiatives, and I observed firsthand Andrea’s strong commitment to education — both for school children and as applied to herself as she studied and learned about the relevant issues; her commitment to seeking solutions through a collaborative process, involving all constituencies, and grounded in listening; her creativity in developing and funding compelling programs; and her professional, effective implementation of those programs.

Andrea has brought these same values and skills to the many volunteer positions she has held in the town over the past 15 years, currently as chair of the planning board. I am particularly impressed by the opportunities she has provided for the community to participate directly in informing the board about issues on the agenda, and her commitment to decision-making based on fair-minded process and relevant data.

Debra Oakes

Runyon Focused On Community


Like many, I’m hunkered down at home, only going out for necessities. And I’m spending time wondering how Orleans will recover and rebound from COVID-19. 

Meff Runyon is running for re-election to the Orleans select board. I’m supporting him because he’s focused on answering this question. He’s proposing an advisory board to help identify needs, collect ideas, and coordinate with neighboring towns and relief agencies. He’s said we should investigate whether and how we could safely relax local regulations to help business operate in a socially distanced environment. He supports helping our local chamber of commerce rebuild the tourist economy. He wants to work to provide support and information resources to help Orleans citizens get the help they need from not just Orleans, but from Barnstable County, the state and federal governments.

Before retiring, Meff was a banker in Orleans for more than 30 years. He made loans to businesses and provided mortgages to families. He understands the financial needs of both, and the challenges facing Orleans’ businesses and residents. This financial experience, combined with his three years’ experience serving on the Orleans select board, make Meff uniquely qualified to help our town through our COVID-19 recovery.

Susan Meisinger


Reed Sees Value Of Compromise


I am writing in support of Andrea Reed for one of the available seats on the Orleans select board. Having watched Andrea's service on the Orleans Planning Board consistently, her common sense and all-inclusive approach to town planning has been outstanding. She has been a staunch supporter of the downtown Main Street reconstruction and insisted that the overall "streetscape" be included in every planning decision. As chair of the board, she always made sure that all opinions and suggestions were honored in the discussion, so that all sides could be considered. One of her greatest assets is her willingness to compromise in the best interests of Orleans, yet stand fast firmly when she considered a step inappropriate. I am sure that these positive assets will serve us all well with her election to the board.

Jon Fuller


Long-timer Deserves Support


Mefford Runyon has served us well in his first term as Orleans Selectman and I would like to encourage Orleans residents to vote for him in the upcoming election to retain his valuable experience and perspective.

He has demonstrated that he is open and interested in all angles of an issue before taking a position. His approach to governing in Orleans has been both measured and fair.

Meff knew the town when it was a more simple village. He has been around Orleans long enough to earn “long-timer” status, to remember the target ship, Mayo's Duck Farm, and when the transfer station was “the dump.” In addition to his well known business and civic accomplishments, I believe that this gives him a unique perspective from which to view Orleans going forward.

Also, and importantly, Meff and Bonny have raised andeducated their kids in Orleans, making him familiar with the wants and needs of Nauset's educators.

Marc G. Norgeot


In Appreciation Of Dr. Halliday


Dr. Halliday was my family doctor until a fateful June 1989 day when his Main Street medical office was closed for the weekend. Dr. Aucoin is covering was the message on his answering machine.  As a single 40-year-old schoolteacher from Long Island, I needed to be on the tennis courts of Chatham Bars Inn as the fourth in a high-powered doubles match for their yearly high-powered New York summer guests. But I hurt my toes on new summer leather sandals.  Dr. Aucoin, a widower, put me on crutches, "no tennis, go to the beach" was his remedy.  We met by chance at an exhibition tennis match at CBI a few weeks later. "The school teacher from N.Y.! How's the foot? May I take you to supper?" We were married a year later.

Dr. Halliday took great care of my Great Aunt Alice for many years, arranging for Visiting Nurses when she was ill and alone.  He took great care of my parents in their retirement years, vacationing brother, as he so generously and compassionately cared for others. We are deeply saddened to read Alan Pollock's news of his passing.

With great admiration for Dr. Halliday's being a trustee of the Eldredge Public Library and continued care of his patients at Liberty Commons and lower cape nursing homes. Dr. Halliday and Brenda loved tennis, golf at Eastward Ho and sailing Chatham waters.

Joan Aucoin
Jean-Paul Aucoin


Candidate Is A Quick Study


The Orleans municipal election is June 23. I strongly encourage all voters to mark their select board ballots for Andrea Reed. 

My support is based on working with her from when she first served on the planning board almost a decade ago. There is a steep learning curve for all members on that board, grasping the intricacies of the multiple regulations and policies that have been laid down to retain and foster the uniqueness of our Cape Cod town.  Andrea was a great student and came “up to speed” quickly by reading, listening and asking pertinent and helpful questions.  She became a terrific member of that board, of which she is now deservedly chair.

Go up on her website, electandreareed.com, to listen to her being interviewed about her background, how she came to raise her family here in Orleans, and why she decided to run for select board. I think you will understand and agree with my support for Andrea. Her keen insights and communication skills come sailing through.

There is no doubt in my mind that she will be an officer of this town that we will be proud of and thankful to have.

Kenneth McKusick
South Orleans


Shutdown Violates Constitutional Rights


The facts and data have not justified Gov. Charlie Baker’s tyrannical strangulation of the Massachusetts economy, and the attitude that it can be dragged out for months is recklessly callous.

Moreover, small businesses and the jobs they create are the livelihoods of many people. It is how they survive. Denying American citizens the right to work is unquestionably abusive, an undeniable misuse of power and clearly  unconstitutional.

Additionally, It is my belief that Gov. Baker has in truth been responding to the pandemic in more of a panic-stricken fashion rather than in an evidence based manner.

Finally, many facets of the governor’s emergency decrees not only violate the Constitutional rights of small business owners and Massachusetts citizens, but his four-phase economy re-opening process lacks basic logic and common sense.

Ron Beaty
West Barnstable

The writer is a member of the Barnstable County Commission.


Impressed With Reed's Enthusiasm


I met Andrea Reed in 2011 when I was principal of Nauset Regional Middle School.  Andrea came to see me to discuss the middle school becoming an active part of the Orleans Cultural District.  I was impressed with her enthusiasm and passion for Orleans and her commitment to ensuring that all community members — from children to senior citizens — would benefit from new cultural activities that could ensue from partnerships with schools, organizations, and businesses in town. 

Since then, Andrea and I have collaborated on several projects to improve children’s and families’ access to cultural, educational and recreational programs as well as programs that support children with social emotional issues.  She shows compassion and understanding of youth and families, and is a problem-solver who brings people and organizations together to work towards a common goal.

Andrea is extremely bright and truly visionary. She has integrity, heart, and a strong sense of fairness. She listens to others and clearly sees different perspectives before drawing conclusions.

In addition, Andrea has a strong knowledge of Orleans and a deep understanding of housing, business, environmental issues, education, culture, and public engagement.  This enables her to view problems through a broad lens that takes into account the needs and opportunities in different areas so that solutions can be more comprehensive and have a positive impact on Orleans as a whole. 

Maxine Minkoff