Proposal Seeks Industrial Expansion On Queen Anne Road

By: William F. Galvin

Topics: Municipal Planning and Zoning

On some town maps this building and boat storage facility is located in the industrial zone along Queen Anne Road and on other town maps it is considered outside the zone. A proposed zoning amendment would serve to clarify the discrepancy. WILLIAM F. GALVIN PHOTO

HARWICH — The planning board is working on a zoning amendment that would extend the Industrial Light District to the west along Queen Anne Road. Requests have been made by a couple of area property owners to include their land in the district.

Town Planner Charleen Greenhalgh said there is very little open land left in the IL zone along Queen Anne Road. She has been talking to contractors who have been looking for industrial sites, including land along Route 28, which she said would not be appropriate for that use.

Four property owners near the west end of Queen Anne Road asked that the district be expanded, she said. In one instance, there is a parcel of land that is shown as industrial on some town maps but not on others. There is a need to clarify the district, Greenhalgh said.

“I’ve been talking to different folks out there for a couple of years,” she said.

There are several residential developments along the west end of Queen Anne Road and heavy vehicle traffic concerns have been raised.

Last week the planning board sent a letter to selectmen conveying that the planning board voted to unanimously refer the zoning amendment to selectmen. Selectmen voted to refer the amendment back to the planning board to hold a public hearing.

Greenhalgh said the board has had requests from Alan and Ed Hall, Dan O’Leary and Rich Roy to expand the district and clarify the west district boundary. The metal structure building at 97 Queen Anne Rd. and the land surrounding where boats are stored is an industrial use but it is unclear if the land is in the industrial district. She said approval of the amendment would address the inconsistencies in town maps.

The proposed extension would run from the northwesterly corner of the existing industrial zone at 101 Queen Anne Rd. west to the east property line at 59 Queen Anne Rd. It encompasses between 32 to 35 acres and includes the back portion of properties owned by Roy and O’Leary, which they purchased from the town after the municipal landfill closed.

Greenhalgh said the west side of the zone runs to about Rebecca Road, which is on the opposite side of the road from the proposed extension of the industrial zone. She said the proposed zone line abuts the Portuguese Men’s Club property which runs from Queen Anne Road through the woods to Main Street. There is a small wetland, likely a vernal pool, on the west end of the proposed extended industrial zone that would curtail development there.

Greenhalgh said she has not communicated with residents in the area and the town is not required by law to do so, but added she might reach out to the neighbors in the immediate area and across the street. She said the district is pulled back far enough off Main Street and shouldn’t impact neighbors.

The plan is to hold a public hearing on the proposed zoning amendment on Tuesday, March 10 at town hall. For the amendment to be implemented it will require a two-thirds majority vote in this year’s town meeting.