Davenport Companies Propose Housing On Marceline Property

By: William F. Galvin

Topics: Development

Jimmy Marceline’s pasture along Queen Anne Road has been sold to Davenport Companies. WILLIAM F. GALVIN PHOTO

HARWICH — Davenport Companies, a major home and apartment rental company on the Cape, has filed plans to build four duplexes on 4.76 acres on Celebration Way, off Headwaters Drive, property owned by the estate of the late Jimmy Marceline.

The company has also purchased property on Queen Anne Road used by Marceline to graze cows.

A subdivision was approved in November for Davenport Companies, identified as prospective buyer of the four lots that run along side of the Cape Cod Rail Trail bike path in the Headwaters section of town. The property is presently held by the Estate of James G. Marceline.

Yarmouth-based Davenport Companies has been active in the building of rental homes and apartments on the Cape for more than 60 years and currently has more than 560 year-round rentals.

“God knows we need rental properties,” Town Planner Charleen Greenhalgh said of the four petitions filed by Davenport. The petitions seek a use special permit with waivers for a two-family dwelling on each of the four lots. She said there are four petitions scheduled for the Tuesday, Feb. 25 meeting and each one will be opened and heard separately. The properties are located in the Residential Light District.

Each of the houses will look like those in the four-lot subdivision along Fionn’s Way, a relatively new Davenport development along Queen Anne Road, Greenhalgh said.

Marceline was one of the town’s major property owners. He passed away two years ago at 92. He was revered for his contribution to community, including providing affordable housing for residents. Selectmen were to act Monday night on a request from the cemetery commission to name the new arboretum in Island Pond Cemetery after him.

Davenport has a number of subdivisions in Harwich, several along Route 137 in East Harwich. There also may be an additional project on Marceline property at 424 Queen Anne Rd., where Davenport has purchased the small farm pasture where Marceline periodically kept cows.

The pasture contains a barn. The new owner paid $269,000 for the 2.68 acre parcel and was before the planning board last month with an approval not required plan to create two 1.34-acre lots.

Greenhalgh said she has had no indication what the plans are for that property. Davenport not yet filed any plans.