Our View: Standing With Scottie


We’re journalists, but sometimes words just fail us.

That was what it was like when we learned about the brutal attack on Scottie, a 7-year-old Welsh pony, early Sunday morning.

Working under cover of darkness, one or more cowardly perpetrators attacked the horse, whose docile nature made him an easy target. The animal’s injuries were unspeakably violent. It’s hard to imagine the hatred that must be in the heart of a person capable of such an act.

We’re confident that those responsible will be identified by police and brought to justice, and we hope that they feel the full force of the law. But while the attack has left many people frustrated and angry, there is no room for mob justice. Particularly on social media, we encourage people to avoid making accusations that may be false, or that could eventually make prosecution of the case more difficult.

Our best wishes are with Scottie, who still faces the possibility of a life-threatening infection from his injuries, and with his owners and supporters. And we urge the community to stand together against all acts of cruelty and violence, particularly against victims who can’t speak for themselves.