Coast Guard Scraps Plan To Decommission ‘C’ Buoy

By: Cape Cod Chronicle

Topics: Coast Guard , Waterways

The “C” buoy, as marked on navigational charts.

CHATHAM — The U.S. Coast Guard has abandoned plans to remove the lighted whistle buoy “C” that marks the entrance to Chatham Harbor.

The news was announced Thursday by the Coast Guard, which had previously argued that the navigational aid was too difficult to keep on its station in high winds and heavy seas. The Coast Guard pledged to “pursue
other additional mooring configurations to help better keep the buoy on its assigned position during
heavy weather.” It also indicated that the buoy would be equipped with an automatic identification system (AIS) device to make it easier for mariners to locate.

The announcement was praised by Chatham Harbormaster Stuart Smith, who had rallied opposition to the earlier proposal to remove the buoy. Smith and other mariners argued that the navigational aid is necessary for public safety particularly because of the bad conditions at the harbor entrance. Selectmen wrote a letter in support of keeping the buoy, as did boards from Harwich and other surrounding towns.

“The Town wishes to thank all in the maritime community, the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates, and other communities who provided comments to make this positive outcome possible,” reads a press release issued by the town Thursday afternoon.

We’ll have the complete story in the next edition of The Cape Cod Chronicle.