Monomoy's Deveau Signs On To Play Lacrosse For Regis College

By: Kat Szmit

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Monomoy lacrosse player Connor Deveau celebrated signing his letter of intent to play for Regis College, and was joined by teammates Tommy Pandiscio, Sean Deveau, Lucas Garneau, Jack Archibald, head coach John Kent, Kyle Gabri, Damarr Beckford, and Liam Mawn. Kat Szmit Photo

HARWICH – Quiet leadership and dedication to sport have worked well for Monomoy's Connor Deveau during his high school lacrosse career, so well in fact that Deveau recently celebrated his official signing to play for Regis College next fall.

It was none other than a confident Deveau that secured the attention of Regis College Men's Lacrosse head coach Matthew Sweeney by sending an email with his own lacrosse highlights. It was enough to spark a dialogue that eventually led to Deveau's being offered a spot with the Lions.

“I found out probably a little before Christmas that I was offered a roster spot, but I knew all along that's where I wanted to go,” Deveau said after his official signing on Jan. 22. “I went there and took a tour and really fell in love with the place.”

Deveau visited the school as a junior at MRHS and immediately felt at home.

“I love the size of the school,” Deveau said. “It's a very small school, which is important to me, and it's Catholic. My religion is very important to me as well.”

Then he watched a few lacrosse games and knew he wanted to aim for a spot on the team.

“I sent them an email of my highlights and got a response, and just started emailing the coach,” Deveau said. “Ever since then that's just how we connected.”

Sweeney and assistant coach Cameron Glover were included among all that drew Deveau to Regis.

“The coaching staff was a big part,” he said. “I watched a couple games and it seemed like the lacrosse team is going in the right direction and I want to be a part of that. This is just the perfect fit for me in terms of lacrosse and academics.”

Though a talented soccer player, lacrosse has long been Deveau's sport of choice, and his aspirations to play at the college level kicked in almost immediately after he picked up a stick for the first time.

“Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet,” Deveau said. “You're not waiting for something to happen. You can go get it for yourself. You can work as a team and get the common goal of winning a game.”

Deveau officially became a Shark in middle school after his family, which includes mom Katie, dad Terry, brother Sean, and sister Karah, moved from Dennis to Harwich so all three kids could attend Monomoy Schools. It was, in Deveau's opinion, a wise move.

“Monomoy really did everything,” he said. “If I didn't go here, chances are I wouldn't be going [to Regis]. Ever since I transferred here my grades have improved, my teachers have been much more attentive, the class sizes were great. It really set me up for the future very well.”

Naturally, Deveau credits his family for supporting him throughout his lacrosse career, and in life.

“My family helped me,” Deveau said. “They all pushed me to become the person I am today, the lacrosse player and student. And all my friends. I really couldn't do it without them. I wouldn't be here in this position without all of them.”

Playing for Monomoy, Deveau said, has been an experience he'll treasure, and not only because it helped him achieve his college dream. Playing for coaches John Kent and Brendan Pursel, as well as with his many teammates through the years at Monomoy, has been memorable.

“My coaches, Coach Pursel and Coach Kent, they've done everything for me. They've really helped me and encouraged me. They put me in the position I am today. If they weren't my coaches I wouldn't be here,” Deveau said. “The same with the rest of the team. They push me every single day to be a better player for them, and I can't ask for more in terms of a team and coaches.”

Kent said that Deveau has been a key player for the Sharks.

“If you look at him in a game you can only be inspired by how he plays,” Kent said. “That's what happens with his teammates. He helps them elevate their games. He supports them, encourages them, motivates them. He's a great asset to the team.”

Having Deveau join the Regis team is a real boost for Monomoy.

“It's a great thing because really, the high school players serve as role models for the kids in middle school, elementary school, and youth lacrosse,” said Kent. “When you have someone like Connor who's going to be playing for Regis, it gives the younger kids someone to aspire to. You're getting the dual reinforcement of the joy of lacrosse and furthering your education.”

Kent is thrilled to have one more season with Deveau leading the fray.

“He's someone we can always rely on for practice and games, to give maximum effort,” said Kent. “He never gives up, and continues to work hard to get better in both the big aspects of the game, as well as the small things. He serves as a great role model for some of his younger teammates how to approach the game: you can have a good time, but you still have to put the work in. That's what he does. Hopefully he's going to come back and share some of what he's learned at Regis with us.”

With one high school season left before he heads to Regis, what's Deveau most excited for?

“I'm looking forward to hopefully doing some damage in the playoffs this year,” he said. “I'm just really excited to go out and help my team win games.”