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Last month, several members of Sandscript traveled to New York City for a two-day trip of writing, photographing, visiting literary sites, and reflecting. They visited the homes of Edgar Allen Poe and Langston Hughes, as well as a Bowery Poetry Club performance and Central Park. Their exhibit of poetry and photography is on display in front of the MRHS library.  COURTESY PHOTO

Chatham Elementary School

Attendance Improvements

In 2018, Chatham Elementary School received zero out of four points from the state accountability system for attendance. In 2019, due to efforts both at home and at school, the data showed positive trends and CES earned three out of four points. However, with CES' lowest performing scores, the data still reflects the need to continue the focus on how absences effects achievement and learning growth. 

State law states clearly that all school-aged students must attend school regularly, and chronic absenteeism is categorized as 10 percent of the school year. Thus again this year, once a child reaches three unexcused absences in any given semester, teachers will be proactively reaching out to families. At five unexcused absences, the intervention team will work with the family in order to identify and overcome the barriers to getting to school and to create a more positive culture of attendance that encourages being present and ready to learn. This school level plan will set the goal to increase school attendance and monitor for success. Community resources will also be provided to the family for additional support, if needed. At seven unexcused absences in any given trimester, the intervention team has been advised by the district attorney’s office to solicit support from their “Keep ‘Em Coming” program. These meetings are not meant to be punitive, rather the district attorney’s representative will work with the family and the school to “develop creative problem solving methods for improving the child’s attendance.” The team will also discuss next steps in case absences continue to fall within the “chronic absentee” levels. As a last resort, petitions of “failure to send” may need to be filed with the courts.

CES will continue to engage in positive, proactive, and supportive dialogue about absences and its effects on learning. This is a collaborative process as it requires support from caregivers and families. The following are the steps intervention teams will take to best support the goal to ensure that "every student, every day!" is at school.


Monomoy Middle School

Golf Completes Season With First Tee

The Monomoy Regional Middle School golf team participated in a new partnership this season with First Tee of Massachusetts. Monomoy Middle School is the only middle school in the region to collaborate with the First Tee program.

First Tee works to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.

In addition to training and practice on how to play the game, the First Tee Life Skills Experience stands apart from other youth initiatives and junior golf programs. It helps young people develop character by focusing on The First Tee Nine Core Values: honesty; integrity; sportsmanship; respect; confidence; responsibility; perseverance; courtesy; and judgment. By participating in First Tee, kids are introduced to these core values, which are incorporated throughout the program. Parents are encouraged to reinforce these behaviors by talking about them, what they mean and what these behaviors can look like at home.

The MRMS golf team met three times a week at Cranberry Valley Golf Course to practice their skills and discuss the character values. The golfers were led by MRMS coaches Gordon Napier and Jeremiah Nickerson, as well as First Tee coach Kyle Harris. The MRMS spring golf team will also participate in the First Tee program.


Monomoy High School

Essay Contest

Students on the grade eight silver team participated in this year's Young Writer's essay contest. This year's competition asked students to complete mini sagas of 100 words or less in response to the theme “Mission Contamination.” Forty-one of our student's stories were selected for publication in this year's book, and each is eligible to win the first place prize, a trophy and an iPad. The book will be published on Feb. 29, and the MRHS copy will be available through the school library.

Congratulations to the winning authors: Naysa Jacobs, Angel Berrios, Kenyatta Pigo-Cronin, Caleb Neal, Jayden Daluze-Starks, Ian Field, Jemma Hayes, Vaughn Jamieson, Owen Lavin, Caleb Parson-Gomes, Jack Raye, Rovens Jean-Baptiste, Emily Gray, Ciarra Terry, Kali Burnham, Chloe Jones, Owen Lucey, Mia Salzano, Dahlia Viprino, Julia Brown, Kristina Tamasco, Terence Connors, Isadora Alexis, Alexis Arruda, Shamore Cooper, Alexis Eldredge, Avery Hager, Matthew Hunt, Hannah Kurz, Tatiana Malone, Jayda Rose, Evan Stevens, Sally Watson, Thomas Bacon-Lewis, Thomas Correia, Sean Davock, Alexer Rodriguez, Jacob Routhier, Sophia Sarabia, Emily Spooner, and Yu Ying Zou.